4 mins read

The Sad Tale Of Todd Gurley

Ligaments don’t just tear. It wasn’t a bad step that ended Todd Gurley’s Georgia Bulldogs season and most likely his college career. There was no luck involved in him exiting…..

3 mins read

Madison Bumgarner’s Epic World Series

Orange and black envelop October once again. The San Francisco Giants won their third World Series title in five seasons on Wednesday night to remind everyone that pitching and defense…..

7 mins read

The Cold State Of The Minnesota Vikings

My dad likes to criticize Minnesota weathermen. Well, to be fair, he criticizes most things, but the forecasters of winter in the North Star State annually draw his ire. They’ll…..

5 mins read

The Desperate State Of Manchester United

Wayne Rooney’s outburst after Esteban Cambiasso’s equalizer on Sunday might be my favorite Manchester United moment of the past decade. The Red Devils led Leicester City by scores of 2-0…..

9 mins read

In Search Of Soccer In New York City

Every bar on Bleecker Street from Wicked Willy’s to The GMT Tavern hung miniature flags of World Cup participants off their awnings. ESPN flashed on the flat screen TVs. The…..