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Book Reviews: Penny Hardaway ‘On These Courts’

Last week on ESPN’s “Pardon the Interruption,” Tony Kornheiser said about Derrick Rose and his most recent season-ending injury, “What if he’s Penny Hardaway?” And while the connotation was negative…..

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Book Review — Orr: My Story By Bobby Orr

Early this summer, my colleague Jason Clinkscales posed the question, which athletes’ autobiographies need to be written? After very little self-deliberation, I suggested Bobby Orr. The reason Jason’s question is…..

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Book Review: ‘Earl the Pearl: My Story’

For so many players in the past 30-plus years, he was the father to their styles. He brought the improvised creativity from the South Philadelphia playgrounds to the rigidity of…..

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Book Reviews: Concussions And Our Kids

Prior to reading “Concussions and Our Kids,” my knowledge of concussions was limited to football. Literally, if someone asked me about a concussion, I would have said it was due…..