3 mins read

Madison Bumgarner’s Epic World Series

Orange and black envelop October once again. The San Francisco Giants won their third World Series title in five seasons on Wednesday night to remind everyone that pitching and defense…..

5 mins read

Never Count Out The San Francisco (Zombies) Giants

The excellent thing about baseball’s postseason will always be the inaccuracies that bring poetic endings. No one would believe the amount of incredible catches, seeing-eye singles and thrifty trips around…..

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Paul Konerko Deserves Some Of Your Attention

For reasons that are beyond obnoxious at this point, the good, bad and absurd commentary on Derek Jeter’s farewell tour — and the man himself — continues to rage. It’s…..

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The Fascinating Life Of Ichiro Suzuki

Every so often, an athlete comes along who simply mesmerizes fans. Ichiro Suzuki is one of those athletes for me. From the moment he took his longstanding legend in Japan…..

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Andrelton Simmons Is The Man

“The only security a man can have is the ability to do a job uncommonly well.” — Abraham Lincoln When the 16th president of the United States said those words,…..