Here Are The 5 Best Players In The Upcoming 2013-14 College Basketball Season, Period

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“Dylan. Dylan. Dylan. Dylan. Dylan.” — Dylan

When Dylan was telling the world who he thought the best rappers of all time were, he didn’t sit back and contemplate things like emcee ability, freestyle skills, tenure in the game or swagger. No, Dylan just told the world who the five best were, period. (Who cares if they all happened to be the same person? That’s irrelevant. God bless Dave Chappelle.)

So, in following the footsteps of the fifth member of the illustrious Bad Boy rap group, The Band, I have put together the five best players in the upcoming 2013-14 college basketball season, period. Yes, you will see other major media publications that will announce their preseason All-American lists and whatnot. Theirs will be structured. Mine is all about the five guys who will spit the most hot fire from now until March Madness, 2014 edition.

A couple of things to take note of: This list is in alphabetical order. This list is not up for debate. This list might be completely absurd. Enjoy.

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  • Joe Simmons says:

    I like the list a lot. I do however have a problem with Wiggins. In fact I am going to go on record of saying he will be more of a sophomoric Harrison Barnes. He will be disappointing. When I saw him this summer in live play he was never the best player on the court. Jabari Parker was an all around better player. However his intangibles are his athletic ability. It may be that the college game doesn’t suit his skill set or he may be more athlete than hooper. I hope I am wrong about this kid though.

    Good post. I am 100% with you on the other 4. I would have put P.J. Harrison on the list though in front of Wiggins.

    • You’re one of the few people I’ve heard make a similar comparison between Wiggins and Barnes. I would be less inclined to agree with you if he hadn’t went to KU, but since he did, I recognize that this is indeed the case. I’ve seen Wiggins up close too and he’s impressive. He’s got a real fluid game, but I just wonder what he’ll look like if/when he HAS to perform, in crunch time. That’s something that’s very rare to have immediately, it usually comes over time or you don’t have it.

      Still, I think Wiggins is going to flourish at KU, let’s hope I didn’t jinx him.


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