12 Of Your Favorite Bloggers React To The $300 Nike+ LeBron X

Ed The Sports Fan, Kicks & Gear — By on August 22, 2012 at 3:00 am

The Wall Street Journal reported on Monday that Nike Basketball and LeBron James will release their latest shoe, The Nike LeBron X with Nike Plus technology. The Nike Plus technology embeds motion sensors in the shoe to track various metrics including a player’s vertical leap, distance ran, etc. Of course, the news of the day wasn’t the evolution of one of the best basketball shoes (from a technological, materials, support standpoint) of this generation, but more for the price tag.


Some people are up in arms at the price tag, saying that Nike’s driving up the cost on a demographic that might not be able to afford such a lofty retail price. Sneakerheads and basketball connoisseurs make the case that those who invest their time into the culture will willingly spend the money on the things they love.

TSFJ decided to round up some of the brightest minds on basketball, sneakerheads and culture critics to get their takes on the $300 shoes. Read through their thoughts, then give us yours in the comments. Let the debate begin.

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  • Keith says:

    Thank you, Damon Sayles. Women pay THOUSANDS of dollars for these designer heels and nothing is ever said about it. If folk wanna buy the shoes, then it’s their business. Let ‘em cook.

  • JAG says:

    Excellent point, Keith. Nike is free to charge what they want and I’m free to pass on it if I think the price is too high. The violence and theft is unfortunate but it’s not Nike’s fault. Should we cap the price of Rolex watches and designer handbags because people like to snatch them too?

  • JT says:

    I *Jesse Smith *shoud’ve added more info. , I’ve spent between 250-320 on kicks before so if you got it and want the shoes go for it.. people blow money on bs everyday.. but make sure them bills paid.. if not that’s on you.. I just feel bad for the young bucks that don’t have control over their income that want some legit kids.. I know my momma didnt have the cheese for that when I was younger. Now that I think about it Adidas had some tech shoes that came out and nobody made a big deal about it. I know they were over $200+ ..

  • Personally, I got no problem with people spending tons of money of shoes. Like Keith said, women goes nuts on their shoes and no one bats an eyelash.

    However, personally, I’d go with Stephon Marbury over LeBron in the shoe department.

  • People love complaining… This shoe is a special performance shoe and possibly could warrant the high price tag. If I were a high school or collegiate basketball player, and knew this could help me become a baetter player by being able to analyze the data collected, I would have no problem buying them, but you know there will be idiots who will never touch a court with these buying them just because of the high sticker price

    What people dont realize is, in black market of shoe re-selling this happens all the time. The right pair of KD shoes that retail for $100 can go for $300+ (google his limited nerf colorway, I have yet to see a price under $500 for these) on the eBay or craigslist. Nike was tired of losing money to these clowns who only purchase the shoes with the intent of making a quick buck off of them. Sad thing is, people who have legitimate intentions in purchasing the shoes, will now suffer due to the rise in prices across the board.

  • JAG says:

    Keith is right on point. Nike is free to charge what they want and consumers are free to purchase or pass.

    If Nike is wrong for charging $315, then what should the limit be?

    I sympathize with those who are concerned about theft and violence associated with this merchandise. It is a serious problem. But Nike is not responsible for this. Rolex watches, designer handbags and expensive jewelry get snatched in holdups and burglaries too. Do we blame the manufacturers for charging too much?

  • Chuck Chillout aka The Franchise aka Claude Thibadeaux [of French Guyana] aka The MILF Whisperer aka The 5th Horseman [WHOOO!] says:

    And THIS is why I stay rockin’ my New Balance 574s…lol

  • I wouldn’t buy kicks costing that much unless I was collecting them. Easy to measure my vert by how high I get on a dunk. Don’t need the science. Others might. I beat up sneaks on the court so there’s no way my mind would allow my hand to take out my wallet and purchase these. Credit cards would resemble greedy kids at the cafeteria table so I wouldn’t even look at them. Chaperone or not. Blame my folks. School shopping. Back in the day. Walked into the store. 40 dollar kicks on the wall. The first time I saw leathers. I want. Step mom gives me the helllllll no look. Chucks it was. Obviously things are different now. If the technology leads to even better technology, I’m down…but…more importantly, if you got the dough, dowhatchalike. If you don’t “Chucks” it is.

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