talkin bout practice homage

A couple of signals to let you know that the summer is officially here.

1. Women of all shapes, sizes, colors and creeds begin leaving their house wearing the glorious creation that is, the sundress.

2. You will begin to whiff the faint smell of meat, charcoal and wood chips cooking in the distance when you step outside.

3. Dom Kennedy will release an album for the masses.

4. You have that realization for the next 2+ months that the sports calendar  is about as dry as turkey meat with no gravy.

So, while you begin thinking of ways to talk to that young lady wearing that divine sundress at the barbecue you were invited to (and you didn’t bring anything, you hack) with Dom Kennedy playing in the background, here are five dope tees from the good folks over at Homage that can give you the proper conversation starter.