Ashy To Classy: The 5 Players Who Went From Nobody To Somebody In The NBA

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This is true story I’m about to tell. I’m probably going to get into my emotions and all but whatever, let me live. I can remember back in the 7th grade, I was a discombobulated preteen with a lack of guidance and polish. I can distinctly reflect on a few things about myself back at the age of 12:

  • I had a wide variety of X-Men, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and WWF T-shirts in my arsenal of school clothing. 
  • I hadn’t quite hit my growth spurt yet as I was only 5’6″, and I was still carrying around a healthy chunk of what they call “baby fat.”
  • I had no concern about the following things: My haircut, my kicks, and my dealings with women.

I mention these things because I remember getting no play from the opposite sex as a 7th grader. None of the chicks I liked were giving me the time of day. I was still awkward and was lacking in self-confidence in a major way. Then the transformation happened in the summer of ’96.

In the summer between my 7th and 8th grade years, I discovered this place to what the general public describe as “the mall.” (Thus beginning my foray into the Tommy Hilfiger/Nautica era, an era I’m not proud of.) I began to dress in a fashion that as an 8th grader looking at a 7th grader, I would deem immature. I also grew 5 inches and played a ton of basketball in the summertime. Now I was 5’11″ in the 8th grade weighing the same amount as the year before. I also learned about utilizing the powers of durag, begging my auntie for my first pair of J’s” and saying things like “Hi, my name is Eddie and I have something these other guys dont…a mustache.” to 8th grade women.

Suddenly, ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL these chicks that weren’t giving me the time of day were now telling me how a clock ticked and tocked. Now, I’m not saying that I was beating cute 13-year old women off of me with a stick, but man things definitely changed. Young Ed’s stock had risen and it was time for me to cash in.

Similarly, there are five guys in the league that every time I see them hoop I remember how unwanted and overlooked they were. As the homie Darius would say, “you can go from the outhouse to the penthouse just like that.” Be it a change of scenery or a development of skills, these dudes are going to stay paid for a long time and will have a long list of candidates who desire their services for years to come. Here are The 5 Players Who Went From Nobody To Somebody In The NBA.

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  • Joe Simmons says:

    This might be your dopest post yet. It was spot on..
    Good work Ed

  • I agree with Mr. Simmons, great read. I gotta say though, I always thought Danny Green could be exactly what he’s become watching him at UNC. He was a great, versatile defender and good shooter in college, with the size and athleticism for the NBA. I’m not surprised by him.

    And Vucevic showed flashes last year but Doug Collins refused to give him consistent run because Doug Collins is an insane person.

  • JT says:

    #EarlTheBasedGod has been the best player in that trade. Earl was my dog at Louisville always wondered why he didn’t get clock.
    Good list, Gravy has always been a steady player happy to see him shine, I never thought Green would be worth a damn in the league, I didn’t like his game at UNC. He def improved salute to him. Nate has always been legit people just don’t give him his just due.

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