The 5 Games That Will Never Be Watched Again

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It didn’t take much. It never does, honestly. We’ll sporadically hit each other up to shoot the breeze, and the next thing you know, a collaboration post is in the works. See, this is a process that isn’t unique to TSFJ. We have a stable of writers who respect each others’ work, love to write with each other, support each other, push creative limits and challenge each other.

So when Ed and I chopped it up on Gchat on Saturday night, the signs of collaboration were brewing, even if neither of us saw it coming initially. He was watching Super Bowl XXXIX, which startled me, but he soon turned it off, because it was making him so angry. At that point, the light bulb went off, and it was time to get to writing.

What are the games you will absolutely, undeniably, unequivocally never watch again?

People are enamored by memories, and for good reason. Memories last a lifetime, and when people reminisce about certain games, they tend to remember the good times, the ones that make them feel like they were on top of the world.

But what about the games that make you feel like crap? You know, the ones that can spoil even the most perfect day you can be having at that particular time? Seriously, I can be with my nephews on one hand, or getting ready to get it on with a lady with some Marvin Gaye, R. Kelly or Teddy P. in the background on the other. For some God-forsaken reason, though, let a reminder of Game Seven of the 2010 NBA Finals come across the Hoshitoshi and it will be time for the babies to go back home to their mama and for ‘ol girl to go home. That game, just one of the five that will be highlighted between Ed and me, is one that infuriates me to no return.

As you read this post, think back to where you were, what you were doing, the people who were around and all that good stuff when the games that literally make you sick were played. Were there young children around? Did your old lady have to put you out of the house, because you broke everything in sight? Did your neighbors call the police on you? Were there people out there literally concerned for your well-being? After that, let’s converse. This could be the start of some healing …

… but probably not.

K. Masenda

Kenny Masenda is a fan of the game, and an admirer of the culture. You can find more of what makes him tick at his Facebook profile located here.

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  • J. Tinsley says:

    Let me be the first one to start the slow cap. Brilliant!

    For me, I can never watch any of the 2011 NBA Finals. But of course, we all know that. Nor can I watch Philly vs. Dallas in Week 17 in 2008. Nor can I watch Florida State put up the worst national title game performance ever vs. Oklahoma losing 13-2. How in Sam Hill did Scoop Minnis mess up in gym class? So much so that it caused him to miss the game!


  • AJ says:

    For me, 2008 NBA Finals Game 4 (Lakers blow a 24 point lead), 2008 NBA Finals Game 6 (nightmare), Tuck Rule game (Still think Brady fumbled), Super Bowl XXXVII (I don’t even wanna discuss), 2001 AFC Championship Game (I still cringe when I see Rich Gannon get hit by Tony Siragusa), the entire 2004 NBA Finals (just terrible), the 2011 Lakers vs. Mavericks second round series (nightmare again), and for any of you hockey fans, Game 3, 2011 Western Conference First Round, LA Kings vs. San Jose Sharks (Kings blow a 4-0 lead and lose 6-5 in OT). Pretty long list.

  • AJ says:

    Actually, add the 2006 USC vs. Texas Rose Bowl to that list. Heartbreaking ending, for me at least.

  • First and foremost, game 6 of the 1993 World Series is tops on my list, no doubt. He who shall not be named with a walkoff to win the whole thing, thanks to Mitch Williams’ second blown save of the Series. I hate Mitch Williams. I hate him so much.

    That Super Bowl is definitely on the list, but the 2003 NFC Championship Game, the final football at Veterans Stadium, is worse, definitely one I will never watch again. Joe Jurevicius running rampant on the Eagles. I still nightmares over that one.

    Third is probably the 2005 Michigan-Penn State game. I was actually at the Notre Dame USC, so I didn’t even watch the game live, but I watched the replay of it. Mike Hart fumbled. Jason Avant stepped out of bounds. The clock would have run out but he officials inexplicably gave Lloyd Carr more time. Penn State loses on the final play, spoiling their undefeated season. Terrible.

    Any game of Miami’s first title. Everything was a foul in regard to guarding Dwyane Wade. It was disgusting. That would be 5, behind the aforementioned Super Bowl.

  • JAG says:

    Certainly the Bengals losing two Super Bowls were painful, but Bengals fans were so joyously shocked that they even got there, it really doesn’t sting so much.

    The Buckeyes losing back to back National Championships definitely hurt more because we expect to win those.

    But the most painful loss of all has to be the 1995 Ohio State – Michigan game, also known as the Biakabatuka game. Ohio State was 11-0, ranked #2 in the country and had blown everyone out. Our roster was one of the greatest in college football history, with Orlando Pace, Sean Springs, Antoine Winfield, Ricky Dudley, Mike Vrabel, Terry Glenn and Luke Fickel. Oh, and Heisman winner Eddie George.

    Well, 313!! yards from Chimichanga and the season went up in smoke. I’ve always thought that, while losing the championship game was painful, losing the game before you get to play for the title is even worse. (Ask the ’86 and ’87 Browns fans who lost the AFC Championships to Denver).

    Cooper hung on for four more years but that game cemented his rep as a coach who could recruit like a son of a *&^%* but couldn’t win when it was all on the line.

  • Brando says:

    Game 6, 1997 Western Conference Finals.

    John Stockton hitting a game winning three to send the Jazz to the Finals. The entire YEAR had been built in my mind as we’re finally going to see Jordan vs. Olajuwon in the Finals and solve that murky ass argument about who was the team of the 90s so far. The Rockets got the WCF and came up against the Jazz.

    Something was wrong.

    There was no Kenny Smith, no Sam Cassell, no Vernon Maxwell at the point guard position. You know, ANCHORS when necessary. Oh no, we had Matt Maloney in there to save the day.

    Maloney got his ass torched for six consecutive games and the Rockets haven’t sniffed that high of a level in damn near twenty years.

    Houston Oilers vs. Buffalo Bills, ’93 Wild Card Game.

    For fear of me throwing my Mac Book clear across the room in frustration and anger about how we could blow a THIRTY TWO POINT LEAD AFTER HALFTIME, I will leave it at that.

    Great job gentlemen.

  • -2002 NFC Wild Card Game Giants-49ers: To this day the ONLY time in my life where I actually was so distraught about a loss that I refused to watch the preceding playoff gams and actually missed the Super Bowl that year.

    -1998 Heat Knicks Game 5 First Round Series: Can anyone say Allen Houston!?!? DAMN IT!!!!!

    -2006 NLCS Mets-Cards: It’s bad enough the Mets rarely get in a position to actually to go the Series but this one still hurts….just as bad as the 2007 pennant collapse. I mean really Carlos Beltran…..LOOKING AT STRIKE 3. SUCKERIFIC!!!!

    Great job Kenny and Ed.

  • Doc says:

    Enjoyed the piece. Good work gents. Two of those games I was so ambivalent about though. It would have been ideal if some of those championship games could have ended in ties. One being the Lakers vs. Celtics games seven you guys talked about and the the other being the Patriots vs. Eagles super bowl. Though seeing the Simon Gratz alum put in work is always a great sight.

  • Bruce Leroy says:

    One thing about Game 6 of Sacramento v. LA. While game 6 was a travesty of officiating, Game 5 was almost as bad against LA. Game 6 was a make-up game for the terrible officiating in the previous game.

    LA was the better team, but the officiating just dragged out the series longer than it should. If all the Laker Haters out there want to console themselves by only focusing on one game, go ahead. I just had to set the record straight.

    The bigger travesty was Dwayne Wade and his parade of free-throws. That lasted almost the entire series.

  • DNKB says:

    A bit behind in my sports reading but I enjoyed this post though it felt like therapy the way that Ken and Ed forced me to deal with my sports daemons. Three out of five of these were on my list and it hurt to read but that’s also why this post is so good…accuracy, lol.

    The one game on my list,that I can recall, that wasn’t listed was well pretty much every game after games 1 & 2 of the 2001 NBA Finals. I wanted AI et al. to win that though I know it was David and Goliath 2.0.

    Anyway, another good post gentlemen….

  • SuperJay says:

    Great article.

    Kinda feel happy & saddened that my Lakers appear on this list on the opposing end. (Eapexially with the zebras being brought up both times. ’02, sure. Even I was caught off guard. But in ’10?! Kinda reaching. Lol.)

    Awesome though. Took me through memory lane.

  • G. says:

    February 3, 2008 easily tops the list. 1 made play, whether it was ASSante Samuel’s dropped interception, stopping Brandon “Black Swan” Jacobs on 4th down, sacking Eli before “the catch happens” is the difference between a 4th Super Bowl title and the only 19-0 season for the New England Patriots and 18-1. That’s the kind of game I’ll never be over.

    The aforementioned Game 7 between Boston and the Lakers where Boston ran out of gas down the stretch and gave up a number of offensive rebounds. If Perk could’ve played that game, I think Boston wins by double digits.

    This past SB against the Giants again, because again, the Pats were foiled by a late drive by Eli’s lucky ass and the Giants’ (and their fans) are the cockiest bastards known to man now smh. “Fxck this” (c) Jay-Z. *walks out*

  • Elanor Gugliuzza says:

    It’s the first time when i’ve seen your site. I can see a lot of hard work has gone in to it. It’s really good.

  • TorturedOaklandFan says:

    After this week, I literally am going to see a therapist. I need it, my beloved Raiders & Athletics are cursed. No other way to put it. Things were somewhat good in my early teens, seeing a combined 7 playoff apperences from October 2000-October 2003, but every single one of those 7 were ended with heartbreak. I see one Raider fan, AJ already posted about our shared misery. ’01 AFC Championship Game, In the Black Hole! All because Wild-Card Baltimore upset #1 seed Pittsburgh, as our #2 seed Raiders Knocked off the Dolphins (Who we can’t beat for shit these days, no matter how sorry Miami is) Siragusa Belly flopped Gannon. These days it’d probably be a $30,000 fine.. back then it just meant we had to try to beat the best defense of all time with a back-up. Not nearly as bad as the next year, landing in the #3 spot after choking week 17 vs. The Jets at home, having to play them again in the 3-6 game instead of getting the the #2 seed, a buy, and a home game in the divisional round. Instead we end up in that damn snow, with instant replay in it’s infancy.. Adam Vinateri having some kind of kicking magic, and the beginning of the run & creation the most overrated qb, if not player in history. &AJ, it WAS a fumble, the refs admitted their mistake the next day. Then the next year, after a 4 game skid landing Oakland at 4-4, Rich Gannon came out a madman, going off finishing the season 7-1 losing only to who else.. the Dolphins. Winning an MVP, then demolishing through the AFC playoffs as the #1 seed beating the Jets & Titans. Super Bowl Bound! You couldn’t slap the smile off of my face the day we beat the Titans to secure the AFC title. A short time later, one of our best linemen, Robbins goes on a Tijajuana bender while the team was in San Diego & Bumblin’ Bill Callahan was exposed. He had been using the same playbook from the previous team. Grudens team. The coach now of Tampa Bay. It was 34-3 before I could blink. Int after Int, then.. the most dangerous thing in the world happened to me. HOPE. 3 straight Raider TD’s, unfortunately accompanied with 3 missed 2-pt conversions, either way we were driving again! Down 34-21, could’ve been 34-27 w/ the 2-pt conversions. After tedious hours of scratching back into the game… disaster. Another Pick-6. 41-21. Game Over, just enough time left for guess what? Another Tampa pick-6. 48-21, making the game look a lot worse than it was. February 2003, the last playoffs i’ve seen my Raiders in. Then my A’s, the moneyball years. Budget baseball. Losing 4 straight ALDS. 2-0 lead LEAVING New York headed home for game 3 & 4. Derek Meter somehow ending up on the 1st base line as Jeremy Giambi gave some sort of weak jogging dodge attempt while being tagged out at home. Losing to Minnesota the next year, only to see the Angels.. the AL West SECOND place Angels, beat them, then SF for the World Series, with that stupid little monkey. The next year was worse, up 2-0 to Boston, went to Fenway losing a gem by Mulder, then blowing a 4-2 lead in game 4 after Jermaine Dye hit a blast over the monstor that I was for sure sealed it. Then.. Game 5, Barry Zito pitching.. in Oakland, Miguel Tejada rounding 3rd for the would be winning run, only for him to be interfered with. Instead of putting his head down in one of the final 3 games that I can’t recall which because they had become a blur of misery. He complained midway home, slowing down enough to get thrown out & not get the call. Then, having the bases loaded with 1 out, down 1 run in the bottom of the 9th of game 5, series winning run on 2nd, not to deliver. It was a long wait until finally, 2006. Frank Thomas hit 2 HR’s in Minnesota, the A’s defeated Johan Santana in his best season, deflated the Twins & took a 3-game sweep into the ALCS, where by default, the 3-seeded A’s would have homefield throughout the ALCS against the Wild Card Tigers, and the world series against the NL. Having high hopes, they would soon be dashed after a 4 game sweep by Detroit. 6 long years passes. Then this Magical run from the A’s, a team that was the best I’d ever seen. 13 games back of Texas. Somehow finishes at an astonishing 58-26, with too many miracle comebacks to count, including taking the division on the final day of the season, coming back from 5-1 to win 12-5. The reward for going 94-68? A trip to 88 win Detroit for 2 games, and facing the best pitcher of this generation in game 1 on the road. A 3-1 loss. Ok, we’ll get ‘em tomorrow. October 7, 2012. The saddest day of recent memory. A Noon EST start, 9 a.m. west coast, I stayed up all night to watch this game, I seen my team yawn through bp, never complaining about the start time. I then witnessed a potential 2-0 lead thrown out at home in the 3rd after a 4 hit inning, only to see the run matched by 2 singles & a groundnut in the bottom 1/2 of the inning. Then, hours of stalemate, until the 7th when Seth Smith reached 1st w/ 0 outs, Kottraras lays down a perfect 1st pitch sac bunt to get him to 2nd, followed by 9 hitter & unlikely RBI source Cliff Pennington comes up huge with an RBI single, 2-1. 7th inning, we got this. The bullpen is on a 26 inning scoreless streak. Runners on 1st & 2nd after recording the 1st 2 outs, here comes triple crown winner Miguel Cabrera. Who Sean Doolittle gets to pop up to center, in the worse possible spot. Coco Crisp running full speed to get to the ball bobbles it, in & out of his glove twice, before it & my hopes & dreams hit the outfield grass.. 3-2 Tigers. This team has came back so many times, for once I didn’t feel like it was over & sure enough, after a leadoff single Yoenis Cespedes, steals 2nd & 3rd!! With 1 out, now all struggling Josh Reddick needed was a fly ball to tie it, he didn’t even need that as Cespedes scores on a Wild pitch to tie it! With all the pressure off of Reddick, he hit a fly ball… wellll over the RF wall. 4-3 A’s!!!! No way the pen blows it 2x. They did 4-4 after 8 on a wild pitch, then Detroit wins on a sac fly in the 9th 5-4 after we left runners on the corners in the top of the 9th. I was crushed. Down 2-0, going back to Oakland for 3. Game 3, A’s win 2-0, Game 4 after trailing 3-1 in the 9th, another miricale rally. Single, Double, 2-Rbi Game tying double!!! Still 0 outs, a pop up, and strikeout later, here comes Coco, the game 2 error still fresh on my mind, even though he had robbed Fielder of a HR in game 3. Redemption. Gamewinning RBI single!!!!! Series 2-2. Game 5 at home! Then here comes Justin Verlander. Tigers crush my A’s, and hope built up from 2 wins, with a complete game shut out. 6-0 demolition. Magic Season=over. Then today, I catch up on my Raiders after a buy week & looking terrible early starting 1-3, playing undefeated Atlanta in Atlanta. They came out a different team, causing 3 turnovers leading to a 13-7 halftime lead, driving in the 3rd up 13-10. Palmer fumbles, Atl almost returns it for 6. But Darren McFadden made a TD saving tackle at the 2, and the defense who looked overly incompetent in the 1st 4 games got a goal line stand! Only a tie game, after a defensive battle, Oakland is driving to Put Seabass in position to win it. Then.. Asanti Samuel.. 80 yrd pick 6 :'( game over. Not so fast! Palmer marches the Raiders 80 yrds mythotically downfield to tie it at 20 with 48 seconds remaining. Just enough time for the Falcons to get in position for a 55-yrd FG. Which of course they made with 1 second remaining. I’m exhausted. I feel cursed as a sports fan. At a breaking point, i’ve decided to try to avoid hope at all cost. It is by far way too dangerous for my well being. The only good note is The Raiders don’t play everyday like the A’s, so I bid everyone the best of luck, if you’re on this page you need it. I’m retiring to my bed, where i’ll likely stay until I get an appointment & some antidepressants. FML

  • Tyenolam says:

    I was born and raised in Chicago. Huge Bulls fan, and a big fan of MJ. That said, I loved Reggie Miller. A big part of that is what you said-he’s one of the only people (Gary Payton also comes to mind) who didn’t back down from MJ towards the end of his career. Other guys had not backed down from him earlier in his career, but those two come to mind as the ones who NEVER did even after he started being considered the GOAT. Reggie will always be in my top 10 favorite players because of that (and the way he handled the Knicks). Not top 10 best, but favorite. But, as far as MJ being a dud in this game-that’s pretty relative. He had 28 points (which would be a fantastic game for anyone else). Yeah, he always jacked up a bunch of shots-but considering he’s a 2 guard and the greatest scorer of all time you can’t blame him for that. He just had an off night scoring wise. But he also came just shy of a triple double, and that was good enough to fulfill his promise that the Bulls would win that game. 28 points, 9 rebounds, and 8 assists in Game 7 of the Conference Finals is a feat 99+ percent of all players in NBA history would brag about. The fact those stats are considered an off night for MJ really shows how great he was.

  • Curtis Wright, Jr. says:

    I agree with this article. I loved the Bulls-Pacers series in ’98. Kukoc and Kerr shot the lights out! I also remember that horrific Game 7 of the 2010 Finals like it was yesterday. I had just graduated high school like 2 weeks before then. Boston was destroying the Lakers then in the second half, all hell broke loose. There was one play when Gasol got an and-1 but they replayed it and the ball was still in his hands when his foot touched the floor, and they still kept the points. And Kobe was awful. He was like 6-24 in that game. Gasol was good though in the whole Finals, regarding that and-1.
    One game I think should’ve been on this list was Game 6 of the Spurs-Thunder WCF. SA was up by like 18 at the half, but then OKC came back and won, not to mention the Spurs were up 2-0 then lost four straight. In the 3rd quarter, Tiago Splitter played 5 seconds and he was supposed to help Kawhi Leonard trap KD, but Splitter was guarding Perkins (who didn’t do squat) and helped late. You can see Popovich yelling at him afterwards and put him back on the bench. At the end of the game, even Tim Duncan said he felt like the officiating was bad. I think it was because the league wanted a Lebron-Durant Finals, but even that one ended really quick in 5 games.

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