Ever since the Dallas Cowboys were extinguished at the hands of the Washington Redskins two weeks ago, my football interest has taken a noticeable step back. Do not get it twisted: I am a fan of the game of football, not simply a fan of the Dallas Cowboys. However, this season was so mentally draining that when my favorite team’s season ended, my desire to sit front and center and watch every single game imaginable came to a halt.

Twitter, a medium that Ed and The NFL Chick goaded me to join back in 2009 to enhance my football-watching experience and a place that I’ve come to grossly appreciate and depend on, has become a wasteland, a place cluttered with tumbleweeds, stray trash blowing in the wind and cigarette butts littered on the ground. Basically, it is a place I have not had a desire to visit since the Cows’ loss three Sundays ago. My last tweet was here, and it is probably gonna continue to stay that way for a while.

Since then, I logged on twice and stayed on for literally six seconds, and it was only to save two tweets as favorites: one from my friend, Tia, since she didn’t @ me but told me she said something I should know, and the other from Johnny Heisman. Hell, the only reason I knew about the Johnny Heisman tweet is because I read an article with Mike Stoops talking about Johnny Heisman and not in a flattering way. Anyway, upon logging in, I did not check my mentions, did not bother looking at my timeline to see what everyone else was discussing, nothing. It did not matter. It was like coming home after being away on a trip but having no desire to check the mail. I came in, did what I came to do, and left immediately.