Podcast: The Three-Man Weave Returns, #StartSheed, Colin Kaepernick And Notre Dame

The Fam, The UC Show — By on November 28, 2012 at 11:59 pm

On this edition of The UC Show, the three-man weave reunited in the greatest fashion possible: by arguing passionately about the world of sports.

First, Kenny launches the grassroots #SheedForASG2013 #StartSheed movement live on the air, which was fully endorsed and co-signed by Tins and Ed. All started well enough…

…and then we talked about Notre Dame.

All we can say is tune in to the podcast, because the passion, excitement, frustration and overall realization that Notre Dame is playing in the BCS Title Game hit all three of the fellas on the air tonight, which made for some great radio. Plus, there was some spirited discussion about Colin Kaepernick, his strong hairline and his impact on the San Francisco 49ers.

Check us out!!!

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