Throughout the years, I have seen lots and lots of talent come and go from college football to the NFL. The Senior Bowl used to be the benchmark of what the draft was going to look like since most players stayed in school for four years unless they were the absolute best at their positions and needed the money right away.

Today we have several players leaving early for the NFL so the Senior Bowl doesn’t always get the best talent that you would expect, and the top seniors opt out of the game because they don’t want to do anything to jeopardize their chances of hurting their stock and draft position.

Seniors are safe picks, but they usually aren’t drafted until the middle rounds of the draft. Everyone is in a rush to get the young and exciting talent that comes out early so there are usually only about seven to eight seniors who get drafted in the first round. Last year was another indication of that as some very good senior talent went unnoticed until the third and fourth rounds.

This year, the Senior Bowl opened my eyes to a few things, so I decided to bring to you the five things you can take away from the 2013 Senior Bowl.