The Monday Morning Script: An Eastbay Magazine Appreciation Moment

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Like Dom Kennedy once said, this post is for all the kids who “grew up in the ’90s.” Not many more intricacies in life define the decade more than the delicacy that was and still is the Eastbay magazine. They were unofficial textbooks, and for certain members of the clique here at TSFJ, the magazine triggers different memories. Read through our own and feel free to reach back out to us telling your own. 

A Kid At Christmas

The Eastbay showing up was like Santa Claus jumping in the mailbox and showing up every month. And since I first got hip to it a few years after the whole Santa charade was over with me, it really was right on time.

I was first put on to Eastbay around 1995 or so when I was in middle school. It’s probably what really got me into my entire style of the times, and a bit of what it’s evolved to now. While the kicks were nice, I really only used it to see what the next Jordan’s were going to look like. I was going to stand in the line at the mall for those, back before it was a life or death proposition to do so. As far as the Bay went, I was there for the jerseys, and nothing else.

The jersey page used to look like the Promised Land; I mean, if you’d asked me what I thought Heaven looked like, I’d have said an unopened Eastbay had to be it. I grew up in St. Louis, and we had some nice gear spots here with plenty of jerseys to pick from, but it was nothing like what was happening in there. From the mainstays like Grant Hill Pistons and Shaq Magic jerseys, they had it all.

But where business really picked up was the gear you just didn’t see anywhere else.

From some rare but dope joints like Damon Stoudamire – Raptors edition, Shareef Abdur-Rahim – Grizzlies, Chris Webber –  Bullets jerseys, they had it all covered. Even things like John Stockton – Jazz and Dennis Rodman – Bulls jerseys, both of which would’ve had you make up questioned in the average middle school cafeteria, the fact that they even existed was mind-blowing.

When the Allen Iverson – Sixers, Stephon Marbury – T-Wolves or Ray Allen – Bucks joints dropped, they had it. When the Black Bulls or Blue Magic jerseys first dropped, there they were. And while my folks didn’t have the money to turn all of my dreams into Champion mesh and iron-on reality, it was an EVENT whenever it first showed up out of somebody’s book bag. And if it was yours first, you were king for a day like none other. – Cheap Seat Fan

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  • So….what’s the percentage of folks who actually purchased anything off the actual Eastbay catalog?


  • You know, I used to check out Eastbay here and there, but I wasn’t a subscriber and never really got all that excited about it. I mean, it was cool and all, but I was more concerned with playing sports and skipping out on my homework than trying to cop or peep the latest apparel. That’s why I didn’t contribute to piece. I was a kid not even remotely concerned with my style. At all.

  • I bought a pair of “Le Coq Sporif” sneakers from the catalog. Also copped a Ted Williams shirt. That may have been it. Two purchases.

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