The 10 Athletes With The Most To Prove In 2013

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Happy New Year, and welcome to the next time around … for the real world.

But as real sports heads, you know the year never ends really. There’s still business to be handled. So with 2012 out the way, whose year is it in 2013?

All around there are expectations for the next level to be reached. However, with so many hands reaching for the same grail, somebody has to make it and somebody has to fall back down. Coming into this year, there’s no shortage of athletes that have unfinished business to take care of, and from more than just last year. For a very select few, the New Year is the time to get it done, stake their claim or just answer the call.

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  • I like this list. A little bit of a different twist, putting some guys on there that haven’t really been accused of underachieving like most of these types of lists have. I mean, KD, CP3, Cano, Trout … these are guys who seem to have worked their asses off, realized their potential and continue to even exceed what we thought that potential was. But yeah, time for them to take it to another level.

    Having said that, I still think a guy like Matt Ryan, who hasn’t won a damn playoff game, has a lot more to prove than a guy like Kevin Durant, who is coming off a Finals appearance at the ripe old age of 24. (Seriously, KD is only 24? Man I’m old.)

  • For perception purposes, Matt Ryan, who has still yet to really put himself in the hackneyed ‘elite’ conversation, needs to do more than win one game. The first round bye, and the possibilities of facing either Seattle or Minnesota aren’t going to be enough since the Falcons’ contention window might shut close in the next couple of years. Even Joe Flacco, who I wouldn’t call great by any stretch of the imagination, may not feel as much of the heat this January.

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