6 NBA First-Half Storylines Of The Season That You Should Care About

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We’re halfway home.

Now that the calendar is edging closer to February and with our love affair with football reaching its climax in a few days, the time has come to focus the majority of our attention towards basketball. Yes, there will be time to still catch up on the college scene, but the NBA’s first half has been an awesome experience thus far. Some teams are terrible, and some are better than expected. Some players have broken out, and some have just been broken. It’s been a first half for many fans to enjoy, while others are already looking to enter the Shabazz Muhammad Sweepstakes.

The fellas gathered together in the TSFJ e-office and put together a list of the six storylines that you should be hip to, as the All-Star Game in Houston is around the corner and then … playoffs. Like Bart Scott said, “Can’t wait!”

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  • JAG says:

    Good call on the Pelicans. They are putting together a nice little squad down there. Look for them to play .500 ball or better for the 2nd half. This is why I’m for a slight playoff expansion. It would be good for the league for a team like this to have a shot. Rev disagrees, but, really, what does he know?

    The rare old bird is the Pelican.
    He holds more in his bill than his belly can.
    He can store in his beak,
    Enough food for a week,
    And I’m damned if I know how the hell he can!

    Let’s see Rev top that!

  • JAG says:

    Rev – Your first sentence kills your entire argument. More than half the teams make the playoffs. It’s already a joke! You’re attempting to maintain an integrity that doesn’t exist., son. As long as the NBA is prostituting itself, it might as well dress nice, put on some makeup and get its hair done.

    Let seeds 5-12 play a one game death match. The top seeds avoid this and can rest for a weekend. Winning your division or being the top wild card means something. The one game format brings an NCAA tournament intensity that’s often missing from the NBA version. It would help reduce tanking and may bring better ratings and attendance to the bottom tier teams.

  • Two things: First and foremost, I have no idea how in the hell Greivis Vasquez is a legitimately good NBA player. I never saw it coming, and I never thought he’d be more than a journeyman at best. But I’ll be damned if he isn’t doing his thing.

    And good god, is Minnesota white. That’s crazy.

  • JAG says:

    Of course it’s irrational. So is the current playoff system. Again, you are trying to bring logic and reason where none exist. The NBA and all sports leagues will go for the money. All successful businesses have a goal to expand, not stand pat.

    Why do 6-6 college football teams play in bowl games with anemic attendance? ESPN wants the programming and ratings are absurdly good.

    History is on my side, sir. What sport has ever contracted its playoff format? It’s coming, whether you like it or not. If the Lakers and Celtics miss the playoff this year, my idea will rise like steam off a griddle.

    • Your logic: Too many bad teams make the playoffs so let’s give more bad teams a chance to make the playoffs.

      Just because expansion keeps happening doesn’t make it good or right.

      Now officially leaving this debate because my stance is pretty clear.

  • J. Tinsley says:

    And I’m with Rev. I don’t support playoff expansion in the least bit. 16 teams in a 30 team league is enough as it is.

  • JAG says:

    “Discovery consists of seeing what everyone else has seen, and thinking what no one else has thought.” Albert Szent Gjorgi

    “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world. The unreasonable man adapts the world to himself. All progress, therefore, is driven by the unreasonable man”. George Bernard Shaw

    “With the rhythm it takes to dance to what we have to live through, you can dance underwater and not get wet”. Walter “Junie” Morrison

    We all agree that too many NBA teams make the playoffs. The first round is just a money grab. All I’m saying is, as long as you’ve chosen this course of action, at least try to make it interesting.

  • *looks for Javale McGee portion of article…sees none*

    *flips table*

    And playoff expansion is stupid. In order for the playoffs to mean something, everybody can’t make it.

  • JAG says:

    Realgoes – My point is that the NBA playoffs already don’t mean anything. There are too many teams.

    I wish that the playoffs had 4 teams in each conference. That won’t happen. The next best thing is to make it very important to finish in the top 4 by adding a layer that the top teams don’t want any part of.

    I’m making a top finish more important, not less. Win your division and avoid the one game playoff. That would make for some good end of season races instead of watching all the stars rest for the final two weeks of the regular season.

    “Think – It ain’t illegal yet” – George Clinton

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