The 2013 Top 100 Players In Baseball, Part 2

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[Rev note: Spring training is upon us and the 2013 MLB season right around the corner. With that, our own Matt Whitener is counting down the Top 100 Players in Baseball. View part 1 here.]

In this year’s Top 100 Players in baseball, the talent is spread out all over the diamond’s 11 positions/roles in the everyday game. The totals by position are as follows:

  • 27 starting pitchers
  • 10 center fielders
  • Nine third basemen
  • Eight each from right field, left field and shortstop
  • Seven first basemen
  • Six catchers and relief pitchers, respectively
  • Five reps from second basemen and designated hitters

And one Ben Zobrist as well, for good measure.

In addition to that, 29 of the 30 MLB teams are represented, with only the () loss Houston Astros failing to send at least one representative on the list. The Cleveland Indians also nearly missed, until signing Michael Bourn last week. As for team representation, the Atlanta Braves lead the way with a major seven representatives in the top 100. On their heels are six other teams each bringing six delegates to the list this week.

Does this say anything about where everything willstack up in the end? Absolutely not, because on last year’s countdown, only four San Francisco Giants were in the mix, and they went on one of the most undeniable runs of any team in recent history. Even this year, there’s only four in the mix, with one already accounted for. Top-shelf talent is nice, but the right team, riding the right wave, will wreck even the most intimidating foes. Ask the Yankees and Detroit Tigers, who will post a total of 11 players on this list, yet won a total of zero games against the Giants last fall.

Matt Whitener

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  • Two things…

    1. As much of a Yankees hater as I am, its probably criminal to have Jeter that low and have Castro ahead of him. Especially since defensively they’re either flawed (Castro) or slow (Jeter).

    2. Every Cardinals player you’ve ranked has been about 20 spots too low. Yes, I’m being a hater.

    Well done again brother, can’t wait to see this list countdown further.


    • Yeah, I could nit-pick a little on shuffling guys around, but god damn, Matt is thorough with this list. So I won’t question him until I see something really egregious.

    • The Jeter/Castro difference is more off what type of Jeter will we get in 2013. Castro is on the upswing of his career, while The Captain is too old be taking too many severe ankle injuries. Castro is a lot like Hanley Ramirez; there’s no reason he can’t field other than he just doesn’t care too.

      If there’s a wild card in the mix anywhere, it’s really Ian Desmond, who’s vastly underrated…maybe even by me.

      • Ian Desmond isn’t exactly slick with the glove either. Definitely got his errors down last year a little, but he had 34(!) errors in 2010 and 23 in 2011. Admittedly going from 34 to 23 to 15 is impressive … but he also played in 149 games at short in 2010, 152 last year and just 128 last year.

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