The 2013 Top 100 Players In Baseball, Part 5: The Top 10

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(Ed’s Note: To catch up on the top 100 players in baseball breakout, here’s the links. 100-76, 75-51, 50-26 and 25-11)

It’s tough to do an intro to the very best of the game and just why they are, so I won’t bother. The credentials on the best of the top 100 players in baseball are below and speak for themselves. But just to quantify why they are who they are, this is a rundown of just what they have accomplished along the way:

  • 10 Players
  • Nine MVP/Cy Young Awards
  • 40 All-Star appearances
  • Five World Series Championships
  • And $134,000,000 coming their way this season

All things considered, they’re worth it. It is a level where 30 home run seasons are answered with “What’s wrong with him?” instead of congratulations for the effort. Where if they give up a home run from the mound, there’s legitimate shock. It’s also a place where there’s constantly someone else pushing you, where an injury or simple down year (by their standards) gets them seen as having a “bad” season. Dominance is what it takes to get to this level, but answering expectations, repeatedly, is what it takes to stay here.

Here’s the 10 best in the world at doing just that. For now at least …

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  • Almost impossible to argue against this top 10. Well done.

  • silver fox says:

    Agree with Rev. Hard to find an argument against anyone on the list. I’d also like to thank Cano for that absurd end of the season, as he and Trout carried me to my fantasy championship.

  • Terrell Whitener says:

    To Mr Matt Whitener… Young sports genius. Over the years I have invested a lot of dollars in the aide of you gaining sports knowledge. I have just 2words on this one. CMON MAN!!!!! Votto over Pujols Trout over Pujols. We wathced Albert for years. As it relates to Trout I want to see him do it this year and I might give you ranking him there this year. Pujols is now lower than 5. But Albert will show you this year. Like the players still scratching my head over the order. Nice job with the top 100 though overall.

  • I know Ryan Braun’s name has been drug thru the mud repeatedly, but even still I think he’s too high. 6-10 probably, 1-5? I dunno.


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