The Big Miss: A Series Of Sporting Events I Missed For Various Reasons

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Earlier this year, Benjamin Hochman of The Denver Post wrote an article titled “Legendary sporting events can leave tail of wouldas, couldas, shouldas” in which he compiled a bunch of stories of people who gave up tickets or missed a classic game for various reasons.

It made me think about all the sporting events that I’ve missed in my lifetime, whether it was a case of not being there, or not seeing a classic game live as it was unfolding, or even moments where I’ve actually been there but still missed out of something historic. As sports fans — casual, slightly more than casual, even the most serious of them all — we try to consume all the sports we can, but inevitably, things get in the way. Below is a not very comprehensive list of some of my own personal big misses. Some were my own fault. Some, I blame other people because it’s easier that way.

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  • DB says:

    I have two.

    The first one happened in either 1997 or 1998. I was attending the University of Oklahoma but I was working a part time job in Oklahoma City. I was going to see a Langston game being played in OKC (mainly because of a girl in the band). The game was being played at a site which I believe was around a mile from the mall I was working at (Shepherd Mall?). As I was leaving work, I forgot that I was going to the game and made the drive home. Come to find out the next day that Langston’s opponent was Prairie View and Prairie View had ended their record losing streak in a game where the score 14-12 Prairie View because of a missed two point conversion by Langston.

    The second was 2006 and I was living in the northeast Hartford metropolitan area. March Madness was going on and I, a Wichita State alum, and a coworker of mine, who was a Connecticut alum, were going to make a roadtrip to Washington D.C. because both of our schools had made the Sweet Sixteen and were going to play at the D.C. site. We wound up not going because the trip was going to be too costly for us. This is a missed event because I would have got to see George Mason (who WSU had played earlier that year in a Bracket Buster game) ascend to the Final Four.

  • Not a shock that Kenny had no words for the Nellie Cruz error in the outfield. Poor fella.


  • I was on a one-way flight back home after falling on my face in the Bay Area. Long story short, I spent my afternoon at Oakland International to watch the Steelers and Seahawks make it to the Super Bowl in their respective conference title games.

    Yet, it was what happened on the flight (layover in Las Vegas) that had me vexed. When my brother picked me up from the airport that morning, he asked me if I saw Kobe last night.

    I missed his 81-point game.

    I still punch the air like Trey in Boyz in the Hood just thinking about it.

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