The 4 Ways MLB Can Get Dirty With PEDs To Clean Up

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For the better part of 15 years now, Major League Baseball has been bringing a knife to a gunfight versus performance enhancing drugs. And now in the early stages of what could lead to the largest wave of player suspensions in the history of sports due to banned substances, baseball is still continuing to smooth over the failures of its fight against its own employees.

If the MLB truly wants to turn the tide, it cannot be done via suspensions and image spinning. The idealistic, morality-based approach looks uninformed and misguided in an attempt to get ahead of itself and create some real conclusion to this issue. The time for looking for change in the status quo via the pursuit of outdated morals is over. To move the game forward (a somewhat scary idea seemingly at MLB Headquarters), the MLB must enforce some stricter rules. Here’s a few ways to get that ball rolling in an absolute direction.

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  • I’m not sure I’m down with the lifetime ban on A-Rod, if only because how do you pick and choose who gets a lifetime ban … but I am pretty much down for all of this if MLB is really serious about eliminating steroids and PEDs. I think they’re great suggestions.

    However, I am still one of those people who really doesn’t care about steroids. In relation to Trible’s piece today, I’m not holding up icons any longer, particularly after what happened with my alma mater and the players involved there. So I don’t care what happens to these guys later in life anymore. I don’t know them. If I did, I’d probably feel differently, and I understand steroids set a bad example for the kids and whatnot.

    But until sports do really take the hard line, PEDs will always be present because they are always ahead of the testing science. I’ve kind of resigned myself to the fact that that’s the way it is.

    Though I gotta say, if you institute policies that are as strict as this, it may help stem the tide a bit. Good read.

    • What’s interesting is how all of these contracts are being paid out to the players while they’re having these monster seasons and then the players end up getting caught on the backend, after getting paid millions upon millions of dollars. WOuld you rather be paid up 20-30 million and be ashamed or be a middling major league scratching and clawing to make it?

      Doesn’t make it right, but we’re talking about 8 to 9 figure salaries. Craziness.


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