The Monday Morning Script: Where Things Other Than ‘The Masters’ Happened

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For some of you, your Saturday started with the news that one of the 10 greatest basketball players of all-time had his achilles tendon cry “uncle” while Los Angeles Lakers fans began to cry tears in their Kobe Systems. For a few more of you, your weekend may have ended with the news that some Australian dude won The Masters, thus bringing home the only green jacket that Bishop Don “Magic” Juan doesn’t own, to Aussieland for the first time. There are huge news stories and they obviously deserve your attention, however, we’re not going to talk about that right now.

Therefore, just in case you had any inkling of going to work/class/coffee shop/barbershop and talking with your people about anything other than “Kobe’s achilles” and “Adam Scott’s putter” than allow us to deliver you The Monday Morning Script.

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  • J. Tinsley says:

    In his first six seasons, he finished in the top 10 in MVP voting four times, including winning the award in 1949.


    You hear so much about his impact that what he did on the field is overshadowed. I had no clue he did this though. Amazing stuff.

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