Podcast: Peyton, Tebow, and Kenny Turns Into a Super Saiyan Over Kobe Bryant

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All hail Bryan Crawford for being Vegeta, crashing the show and bombarding Kenny Masenda with a discussion about Kobe Bryant with him. The man hadn’t been back on #theUCshow for no longer than five minutes and 42 seconds, and all hell broke loose. Justin Tinsley and I decided to chill in the rafters while the shenanigans and hijinks ensued.

Oh yeah, Alfie Crow of SB Nation’s Big Cat Country (Jacksonville Jaguars blog) joined us to tell us why Tim Tebow doesn’t need to bring his talents back to Jacksonville. Also, Justin Adams of KMGH Channel 7 ABC in Denver sits down to talk with us about Peyton taking his talents to the Mile High City and the backlash that the great John Elway has received from bandwagon Broncos fans.

Related conversations will include: Till’s intro music, #Draymond Green, Marquette vs. Florida, and recognizing the tragedy that is Trayvon Martin. Be sure to subscribe to #theUCshow podcast on iTunes, or sign up for #theUCshow RSS feed.

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  • Bruce Leroy says:

    Bryan Crawford produced one of the most ignorant, hate-filled rants about Kobe I have seen this side of a Boston Celtics fan. Why does he think Pau and Bynum can shoot such a high percentage? Because the defenses are geared to stopping Kobe. Frankly, neither guy can function as the alpha dog, as we see Bynum’s immaturity and Pau’s career in Memphis. Kobe is the man on this team, every one else is just following. Crawford, you are an idiot.

    • Point of clarification, Kenny was the one going on the ignorant, hate-filled rant.

      Moreover, your defense of Kobe is shocking if not aggressive. Kobe is the man, no doubt. Kobe is a winner, however, with the help of others. When Bynum/Gasol wasn’t there the Lakers were winning 34 games. I think that’s the main point, and much credit is due because of the frontline, a frontline that 29 other teams would kill to have.


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