NBA Question Of The Day: Should Derrick Rose Return During The 2012-13 Season?

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In an earlier discussion this week, the homies Garfield and Whitener debated if there was a darkhorse candidate that could make a run at the 2013 NBA Finals. While the discussion lingered about the possibility of the Nuggets, Pacers, Sixers and a few other teams making an appearance in the NBA Finals, there was one team that didn’t receive much of a chance.

The Chicago Bulls.

Of course, the reason they weren’t given much of a chance is because their leader was lost after a jump stop went terribly wrong. Derrick Rose has been on a long run to recovery, and, one day, he will put on the Chicago Bulls jersey again, to the joy of Bulls fans and hoops fan across the world.

But when exactly should he come back?

In the week long finale of the NBA Question of the Day series, we ask a simple question of our debaters. Should Derrick Rose return to the Chicago Bulls for the 2012-13 season? Our debaters will be Alex Wong of Toronto, Ontario and Bryan Crawford of Chicago, Illinois. Let the debate begin.

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  • The only ideal scenario IMO is if the Bulls are in playoff contention with about 20 games left to go, then you bring Rose back. Give him 20 games to get right, then make a playoff run. No one cares about the playoff seeding, but if he’s there and can get right and not ruin Chicago’s chances of making the playoffs…go for it. That’s just me.


  • JT says:

    They need to try to tank it a la Spurs style but the problem is the Bulls are too good unless other injuries hit to tank it bad enough to get a top 5 pick. I would sit him out the whole season because of the timing of the injury. The Bulls only had a shot to win this year if Rose was healthy, make sure they don’t rush him back and get ready for next year.

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