When Keeping It Real Goes Right On The 2013 NBA All-Star Weekend

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By G. Hylton / @realgoesright

Welcome to the The Sports Fan Journal All-Star Weekend Recap. I’m your host, RealGoesRight. Over the last few years, I haven’t given more than a cursory glance to the All-Star Weekend festivities, choosing to mostly pay attention to the game on Sunday and ignore Friday and Saturday night events.

During that stretch I missed 2 dominant games by Kevin Durant in the Rookie/Sophomore (now Rising Star) challenge as well as Kyrie Irving’s 34-point outing (more on this guy later) last year. I figured this year, I’d take in every portion of the weekend from Friday to Sunday and, therefore, wouldn’t miss a thing.

This isn’t your typical ASW recap. Most sports outlets write these recaps as professional writers who need to turn in articles by a deadline for paychecks. This article? Written from the eyes of an NBA fan. Complete with views, biases, “strong” language and a complete disregard for word counts. Oh … and just tad* bit of “haterism.” So how did my first full weekend of ASW watching go?

Well let’s start with the …

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  • I watched the least amount of NBA All-Star weekend than I ever have in my entire life this year. Shit, I fell asleep at halftime of the game itself, which I never do. It’s just become so uninteresting the past few years, and disappointing.

    Even after reading about last night’s ending, I’m still not too upset about missing the second half since I at least got to see Jrue Holiday throw down a nice dunk.

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