chris paul 2013 nba all star game mvp

By G. Hylton / @realgoesright

Welcome to the The Sports Fan Journal All-Star Weekend Recap. I’m your host, RealGoesRight. Over the last few years, I haven’t given more than a cursory glance to the All-Star Weekend festivities, choosing to mostly pay attention to the game on Sunday and ignore Friday and Saturday night events.

During that stretch I missed 2 dominant games by Kevin Durant in the Rookie/Sophomore (now Rising Star) challenge as well as Kyrie Irving’s 34-point outing (more on this guy later) last year. I figured this year, I’d take in every portion of the weekend from Friday to Sunday and, therefore, wouldn’t miss a thing.

This isn’t your typical ASW recap. Most sports outlets write these recaps as professional writers who need to turn in articles by a deadline for paychecks. This article? Written from the eyes of an NBA fan. Complete with views, biases, “strong” language and a complete disregard for word counts. Oh … and just tad* bit of “haterism.” So how did my first full weekend of ASW watching go?

Well let’s start with the …