NBA Question Of The Day: Who Needs A Title More, Carmelo Anthony Or Dwight Howard?

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The coronation of LeBron James occurred this past Tuesday night, as the ring ceremonies, commercials and commentary that surrounded the return of the King to the NBA. Now as an NBA champion, LeBron no longer has the pressure of winning his first ring, rather winning a series of rings to cement a legacy one of the greatest players of all-time. However, while LeBron now has his first, many others are still without the precious hardware.

Two notables…Carmelo Anthony and Dwight Howard.

In part four of our NBA Question of the Day series, we ask a simple question to you the reader. Who needs a title more? Carmelo or Dwight? Our debaters for Thursday are Jason Clinkscales of New York, New York, and Phillip Barnett of Bakersfield, California. Let the debate begin.

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  • I say Dwight, mainly because the Lakers conceivably can win a title with the Hall of Famers they’ve assembled, whereas the Knicks are flashy but don’t seem to have enough substance to be a true contender. Though I think a title would do more for Melo’s legacy than Dwight’s, as odd as that sounds, because Melo has had his game criticized more than Dwight’s beyond Howard’s atrocious free-throw shooting.

    • I’m in on Dwight too, just because this year the expectations are set for title or bust. For Carmelo its just making the playoffs.


      • Gabriel says:

        I’ve never seen one NBA analyst or exrept say Melo is a good defender. Have you?? I’ve seen plenty point out that he isn’t a good defender, however. And I’ve watched firsthand the majority of games Melo has played in the NBA and saw him unable to stay in front of most he guards and his refusal to provide any weakside D. So you’ll excuse me if I rely more on NBA exrepts and my own eyes than some illiterate mouth breather on YOUTUBE.

  • DNKB says:

    Am I the only one that thinks Melo needs it more? I think its what he needs to get past coming in the same year as Bron. I still think they should have been co-rookies of the year because Melo got Denver to the playoffs that first year in a very strong West and Bron did little to shift Cleveland in terms of the playoffs that first year.

    Like the article said, Howard’s made it to the Finals and so that lessens the need for him…it may not lessen the individual desire but Howard has proved more in a sense than Melo has.

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