NBA Question Of The Day: Who Runs New York, Knicks Or Nets?

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The NBA kicks off its 2012-13 season tonight as three games will tip off on Tuesday. The Cavs vs. Wizards, Heat vs. Celtics, and Lakers vs. Mavericks all will kick off our 2012-13 season and bring all the basketball heads back to life. Of course, those with a “New York State of Mind” will only care about the game that tips off on Thursday night.

Knicks vs. Nets.

Manhattan vs. Brooklyn.

In part two of the NBA Question of the Day series, we examine who has the best team in the state of New York. Our debaters will be Justin Tinsley of Washington, D.C., for the Nets, and De’Shay Turner of Harrisonburg, Virginia, for the Knicks. Let the debate begin.

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  • Who runs NYC? Can I say the New York Giants? No? Man, I really am struggling with this one. I want to say the Knicks, because I feel like they have more depth than the Nets, but Deron is Deron, Joe Johnson is a legit scorer no matter how you feel about him and Humphries and Lopez can do some things in the paint so long as Humphries isn’t shooting and Lopez is actually remembering he’s a big man.

    Close call, no doubt, but I’m gonna go with Tyson Chandler, Amar’e and Melo for now … by a hair.

  • Joe Simmons says:

    Knicks til I die.. I like what the Brooklyn Nets bring to the table but I have been rolling with NYK for my whole life and “We ain’t goin’ nowhere… We won’t stop now… cause we’re Bad Boy for life….”


    • I’m genuinely intrigued to see what Brook Lopez and Kris Humphries are going to look like playing next to each other. Everyone’s focusing on Deron and Joe Jeezy, but Lopez and Hump could be a legit frontcourt duo. Crash Wallace helps a ton on the boards too.

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