baron davis dunks on andrei kirilenko

Watch this.

Then watch this.

Truth be told, if you played basketball more than once in your life (or still play), something like both of these plays happened to you. Whether it was during your days as an intramural all-star or back on the monkey bars before your growth spurt, you were on the receiving end of some embarrassing dunks and crossovers.

And while there’s a good chance you’ve returned the favor once before, there was no way in hell that you managed to have avoided becoming part of a neighborhood’s or gym’s proverbial highlight package.

Because such inevitability is part of the game, it seems that it would be only fair to ask the question: Would you rather get hit with a lethal crossover or become someone’s YouTube clip because of an earth-shattering dunk?

Before you go ahead and stick with the first choice that came to mind, consider the elements of both before you make a final decision.