Fight Like Sugar Goes 12 Rounds On His T-Shirt Line, Sugar Ray Robinson And The Best Round Ever

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Round 1: Everyone has a passion in life, and when you get to know people in this world it doesn’t take much time to figure out what those passions are.

Simply put, Paul Navarro knows his shit. When it comes to the fight game, that being of the boxing or the mixed martial arts variety, the man is a connoisseur. It was a humbling experience when I reflect on it now, as I used to pride myself as really being knowledgeable in the sport of boxing in particular. It’s the quickened tone, the slightly crazed look in his eye and the sense that he’s been wanting to share his thoughts with someone who cared that got me.

I’ve known that feeling many times, and I recognized it immediately.

The culture connoisseur that is KJ Kearney sat down with Paul to discuss what Fight Like Sugar means to him, who the best “Sugar” is in boxing history and his progression from being a former wrestler at Stanford to now being a person of influence in the fight game. Oh, and just because you came by to read this, we’re hooking you up.

Head over to the FLS Shop and get 20% off any tee in the store. Just use the coupon code “TSFJ” when checking out. Don’t say we never did anything nice for you. Now, learn something and enjoy the Q&A. —ETSF

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