The 10 Greatest Boxing Nicknames of All Time

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hagler vs hearns

Does the name make the fighter or does the fighter make the name? In the modern era of boxing (after the bare knuckle era that came to an end with the Marquess of Queensberry rules) the practice of using nicknames goes back to at least the first Heavyweight Champion of the world, John L. Sullivan, who had a dozen names—my favorites being: “His Fistic Highness” and “The Hercules of the Ring.” Virtually every boxer since Sullivan has either adopted a moniker of his own, or had one thrust upon him. Over the long history of the squared circle, there have been countless nicknames. Choosing the ten greatest among them is a daunting and maybe even a Sisyphean task. But if there is one thing that boxing fans can appreciate, it’s the guts of the underdog giving it his all in a fight he knows he’s already lost. With the example of those brave souls in mind, let’s talk about the 10 greatest boxing nicknames of all time.

This list is a balance between great names and great boxers. Not all great boxers have had memorable nicknames and not all unknowns have bad ones. On this all-time list I’ve tried to balance the historical significance of certain names against the pure badassedness of others. Without further ado here they are.

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