errol spence jr

Errol Spence Jr., 2012 boxing Olympian. You probably haven’t heard of him. You’ve got to be a boxing fanatic for him to even register on your radar. But in the week leading up the Floyd Mayweather vs. Roberto Guerrero fight, everyone in the boxing world was saying his name in hushed tones. What were they saying? Why does it matter? To really understand it, you’ve got to understand gym rumors have a special place in boxing. Seldom do rumors about practice games in basketball or football ever make it into the news. Maybe it’s because there are too many variables involved for match-ups on the practice field or court to really matter. But in boxing, where one competitor stands alone in front another, gym rumors can hold serious weight. And sometimes, they can foretell the future.

Before we get to the rumors surrounding Errol Spence, let’s remember a few special rumors from yesteryear.