Green curtains, aquamarine wallpaper, vanity lights, marble floors, a trash can made out of gold (maybe), and a robe that might be made out of alpaca and has a hood on it. Muhammad Ali was living, and this photo reminded me that I need to shave tonight, so I don’t look like a savage when I go to work this week. Here are the 11 articles, videos, blogs and other pieces of tomfoolery to serve as your reading material this fine Sunday.

Absolut-ism: Shlack Shmistory Shmonth – Fxck Eddie Murphy

Beyond The Arc: Kendall Marshall deserves to be a first-team All-American

The Classical: The Wonderful, Terrible Bill Walker

Daily Writing Tips: 85 Synonyms for “Help”

Deadspin: Like It or Not, the Wheaties-Box Era of Video Game Covers Is Over

Marcus Troy: Nike Innovation Summit – New York

The New Yorker: The N.F.L.’s Bounty Game

Panini America: Prime Time on Prime Cuts: An Exclusive Interview with Deion Sanders

Pro Basketball Talk: Baron Davis could eventually replace Jeremy Lin as Knicks starting PG

Washington Post: Google’s driverless cars get a legislative boost

We Are HQ: Crepe City Sneaker Festival 5