chip kelly eagles

When Andy Reid lost his job, it was clear things would be different for the Philadelphia Eagles. After 14 years of the same mind-boggling timeout decisions, change was afoot.

At some point last season, amid the losing and joking, the die hard in me came to a conclusion. It was a final decision that the same old thing had grown tiresome. Yes, there was success and consistency. But, there was also a stale odor that drove me to speak words I hope my mother never hears me utter.

Eagles fans could set their clocks to Reid. Each different combination of circumstance had been done before. It was easy to recall what would happen next. So, as the season wore on it became even clearer that something different was better than whatever came next from Reid. It was time to go because time had overlapped itself.

Suddenly, we were in the grips of something different. A head coaching search hadn’t happened since, “I’m Your Angel” by R. Kelly and Celine Dion topped the charts. Around and around we went, with choppers following Gus Bradley around and Penn State alumni debating the pros and cons of Bill O’Brien.

Finally, the Eagles had a coach. Fittingly, he was a different kind of coach.

There’s something about Chip Kelly. He’s either a snake oil salesman (a successful one at that), or he’s the man who’s ahead of the curve. In fact, he may be so far ahead of the curve that he’s able to change the game.

This isn’t just the zone-read option we’re talking about. It’s not only the no-huddle offense. Sure, it’s a bit of both things. But, it’s also about schemes and substitution groups and more. He’s incredibly different in every way imaginable.

Everything seems hushed. No one knows if the team will run a 3-4 or 4-3. We guess at each trade and free agent signing what is in store – but we’re in the dark. Will the offense be strictly what we saw at Oregon? It doesn’t seem like that would work.

(At least they’ll run the ball; also different.)