NFL Midterm Report Card: Who’s Hot And Who’s Not

Bull City, Football — By on November 5, 2012 at 12:48 am

In a constant effort to stay on top of what has been taking place in the NFL this year I have spent several days watching and re-watching games on NFL Short Cut. For the fantasy football enthusiast, it’s always good information to have, but for the football fan, it gives you more insight into why teams are struggling and why other teams are having success.

NFL football has been all over the place this year. Teams that were expected to win are losing, and teams that everyone thought would be better have stayed the same. Today we will take a look at the hottest players in the league at the halfway point. We will also look at the players who aren’t doing well. (View the first quarter NFL report card here.)

Joe Simmons

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  • Pretty good list, and the one I’m most impressed with is Adrian Peterson. You know how this debate of best running back keeps coming up and people look for reasons to doubt Peterson? Well damn, dude is having a MONSTER season after coming back from a major injury faster than just about anyone at that position. There are a lot of great backs, Arian Foster included, but damn, Adrian really does make you question whether or not he is the prototype of how a running back is supposed to be built.

    Probably my favorite player to watch right now in the league, at least here in 2012.

    • My Jaguars aren’t even good enough to make the “Who’s Not Hot” list. I see how it is.

      3 other guys that I think probably deserve some appreciation.

      1. Victor Cruz, he’s taken the “best slot WR in the game” throne away from Wes Welker.
      2. Ryan Tannehill, the man is a legit QB. Something I’d never would’ve admitted 2 months ago.
      3. Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner, Seattle probably has the best corners in football which is totally unbelievable.

      Nice work Joe.


      • Joe Simmons says:

        Man its so hard to narrow a list of guys to 10 on the hot side of things.
        Rev is right about AP.. Its kinda baffling. Look at Mendenhall and his lingering problems but AP had less time than Jamaal Charles and he looks like he hasn’t missed a day of practice.

        As for the list Ed has I like those guys all of them. I wanted to put the Seattle duo in but the Chicago duo had me salivating watching them the past few weeks but maybe ranking the secondary duos can be a post for later.

        As for the Jaguars, I had Sunshine Gabbert on the list but when you look at his numbers and the total offensive production of the team, he becomes a decent bottom middle quarterback.

  • You mention Mark Sanchez as being the last in the league in completion percentage yet he doesn’t make the list. I guess saying that the Jets “quarterback” is not hot is a bit redundant. Unless you’re talking to females and then it’s just an argument starter.

    • Joe Simmons says:

      I think you understand my thought process here. Plus Sanchez has picked it up over the last three games so he was budding. He was so bad at the beginning of the year he has actually improved his numbers but he remains the most inaccurate qb in the league.

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