The 15 Most Electrifying Kick Returners In College Football Since 1985

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The art of returning kicks is a craft designed for the player with no fear. In fact, you have to have no pulse for about five seconds while you watch the ball in the air and make that catch with everyone on the opposing team running at you with a full head of steam.

Many guys have graced us with the ability to get into the end zone, but not many can do it in a spectacular fashion. Some players are fast, and when they hit the corner you know that they are gone. Others hit you with a couple of moves that make you say DAMN things you wouldn’t normally say but the moment brought the excitement out of you.

Today we take a look at those guys and their impact on the position. While the NFL has guys who specialize in the position, most of the spectacular takes place on the college campuses. So today we will take a look at the 15 most exciting kick returners in college football since 1985.

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  • A couple of names I’d consider adding to this list…

    Javier Arenas, was lethal at Alabama.
    Damaris Johnson, Tulsa’s all-time leader in all-purpose yardage.
    Darren Sproles probably could get some love too.

    Otherwise, great stuff here.


    • Too bad Damaris Johnson hasn’t brought ANY of that flair to the NFL as a returner. He’s been flat out awful as a punt returner for the Eagles this year, which is on par with everyone else on the Eagles this season.

      • Blame Andy Reid then, not Damaris. Its clearly not Damaris fault. LOL

        • Joe Simmons says:


          All of them would have been good choices. I considered all of them too…

          Lists are funny.. You can do them and redo them 100 times and still want to make changes.


          With Damaris Johnson it’s more scheme than anything. He was good with middle and angle returns. In Philly he is always doing a sideline return with no double teams on the gunners. It’s impossible to set the edge without a double team or a kickout.

    • joe says:

      C’mon bruh. David Allen from K-State set the NCAA record for punt returns.
      He’s gotta be on the list

  • JAG says:

    Why would anyone hate on Ted Ginn, Jr.? Fantastic college player. He and Troy Smith had one of those special connections. They did more damage on busted plays than scripted ones.

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