The 4 NFL Story Lines That Matter In The 2nd Half Of The Season

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By Alex Wong / @steven_lebron

You know that the NFL season is headed into the home stretch when you start to check the playoff standings and analyze all the tie breakers that go into deciding the wild card or even division title spots.

We’re here now. For the first time this season, I clicked on the playoff standings yesterday.

Football as a land of parity is a well-trotted-out narrative — because it’s pretty much true. Even within the construct of a particular season, things are always changing. The things we think we know heading into the season are usually crushed by the end of the early games in Week 1. Most of the things that we’ve gathered from the first nine weeks of the season will not be true or even matter by the end.

But the midpoint is a good spot to figure out what to look for in the second half. If only because the previous two Super Bowl winners had the following records during the season: 6-6 (2011 New York Giants), 8-6 (2010 Green Bay Packers).

So no, the Falcons aren’t going to romp to an undefeated record and have a playoff cakewalk on their way to the Lombardi Trophy. Nine weeks in, the groundwork’s been laid but the story lines are still to come. It could be these …

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  • How fortunate are the Colts and Colts fans, going directly from the greatness that his no-brainer Hall of Famer Peyton Manning and his Super Bowl to Andrew Luck, who looks an awful lot like a guy with that type of talent? All they had to deal with was one atrocious season with Manning hurt, and they get the next Manning so to speak, albeit a much more mobile one who has a long way to become Peyton himself — though off to quite the start.

    It’s kind of crazy when things like that happen. The Niners going from Montana to Young, Packers going from Favre to Rodgers, now perhaps Manning to Luck in Indy. How come my team never gets a transition like?

  • J. Tinsley says:

    This was dope as hell. Solid work.

  • J. Tinsley says:

    And man, if that Colts/Broncos storyline has them meeting in the playoffs…shit lol.

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