This is how it starts. I go on Tumblr, check out Oakley and Allen, it leads me to For All To Envy where I start browsing the hip-hop section and see this Mase t-shirt for $100. I think about it for a second, actually more than that, enough time to actually debate whether it’s worth shelling out that much money plus shipping to Canada even though there are mortgage payments, and things, and things, and wedding costs, and things and things.

And then I open another tab in Google Chrome and take myself to eBay. Last year, I went on a two-month binge with Champion brand NBA jerseys there, somehow convincing myself that paying around $40 for each of those jerseys 10 times over was some sort of bargain, a Moneyball approach to exploiting a market inefficiency as opposed to spending two hundred bucks for some Mitchell & Ness throwbacks.

Because of that, there’s a Todd Day Milwaukee Bucks jersey that hasn’t come off the hanger. Actually, that’s a lie; I wear it to the gym when I go at midnight and I know I’ll be the only one there. A niche jersey with a niche target audience.

Anyhow, I spent three hours the other night browsing eBay, and thanks to adding a bunch of things to the watch list, below is the process I took from finding a Mase t-shirt to going in a completely different direction, and then a few others, before I ended up with, an R. Kelly concert tee.

Here we go. If you are interested in any of the items below, clicking on the photos will take you to the corresponding eBay page. Most of them have a buy it now option.

First a slight detour into 1990s NBA jerseys because I have a saved search for Champion Brand jerseys in size 44.