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Meet The Fan: Carlos Segarra Braves The ‘Autumn Wind’ With His Oakland Raiders

Here at The Sports Fan Journal, we hope to evolve and deliver something not found in any other corner of this here internet. We bring you Mark Trible and Dillon Friday‘s NFL Countdown project. A fan from each NFL team will be featured as we anxiously await the season’s kickoff.  Someone...
July 31st, 2014 | Football, J. Tinsley | Read More

The Ten Athletes I Will Always Stan For

During the ETSF days, and in subsequent ones since, we used the term “Stan” in a light that is not to be confused with the song that was recorded years ago by Eminem.  In essence, we use it to describe fans whose favorite player, or players, can do no wrong in their eyes.  Anything short of being...
November 28th, 2011 | Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Football, Soul On Ice | Read More