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The Waiting Game: 5 NBA Games To Eagerly Anticipate

Chicken wings. Beer. Burgers. Franks. Rivalry games. Sunday Night Football. Monday Night Football. If you’re like me, a warm, fuzzy feeling just shot down your body. Football season is back, and with…..

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Carmelo Anthony’s Race Against Time

Long known as one of the NBA’s premier scorers, Carmelo Anthony finds himself at an extremely delicate point in his career.  The lights in Madison Square Garden operate under a…..

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The Ebbs And Flows Of Knicks Fandom

By Johnathan Tillman / @thetillshow (I began this immediately after Game 6.) I am a 49ers fan. I watched that team lose painfully in consecutive years, within reach of the…..

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Book Review: ‘Earl the Pearl: My Story’

For so many players in the past 30-plus years, he was the father to their styles. He brought the improvised creativity from the South Philadelphia playgrounds to the rigidity of…..

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The Liberation Of Earl Smith III

J.R. Smith, the newly crowned Sixth Man of the Year, is on the postseason scene for all to see. There are people who have thrown shade his way, people who…..