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Nike World Basketball Festival: Because Basketball Needs Chicago

It seems that every week the national media is airing stories about the violence taking place in Chicago. To those who aren’t residents of the Windy City, this is a place to be avoided like West Africa. When my 15-year-old son came up to visit from Washington, D.C. this summer, he said all of his...
August 20th, 2014 | Basketball, From The Go | Read More

TSFJ’s Q&A Session with ESPN’s Scoop Jackson

-Ed. Dash, capital E, lowercase D, period. It’s the way that I’ve signed off on every letter, card, e-mail, article and almost any other form of communication. I never acutely remembered where I picked it up from, but I always remember seeing it as a teenager. Now being of sound mind as...
February 21st, 2012 | Basketball, The Fam | Read More