Job Brief

We are looking for fresh voices and perspectives to feature on The Sports Fan Journal. The perfect candidate is someone who is looking for a platform to amplify their voice and has a unique perspective on the things that matter in sports and beyond. If interested, please send an email with writing samples to [email protected].

We’re looking for writers interested in covering the following:

  • Traditional coverage, like: NBA, NFL, College Football, College Basketball, MLB, NHL
  • Non-Traditional coverage, like: Sneakers, Uniforms and Style in Sports, Sports and Tech, Sports Business, Video Games, Music
  • Second-Tier sports, like: Boxing, MMA, WWE
  • Advanced Analytics (Can you make big data fun and easy to understand?)

Who we're looking for to join the team:

  • Writers with a witty, conversational tone and distinct voice/style
  • People with intellectual curiosity: Do you have interest and/or knowledge of sports from different eras and perspectives; understanding history, milestones, fan bases, etc.?
  • Do you self-edit? Fact-check? Follow existing formatting guidelines, style and procedures?
  • People with active accounts on Facebook and Twitter
  • Writers who can create 1-2 pieces of content per week

Who we aren’t interested in for our team:

  • AP-style dry journalism (though we follow some AP style rules for consistency)
  • Long-form entries that take days to complete
  • Long-windedness and/or blathering
  • Someone lacking self-discipline or motivation


This is an unpaid role, but we consistently pay writers when our content is sponsored. Moreover, this role allows for special access to various sporting events, and attribution/bylines to written content for portfolios.

Digital Media Editor Internship/Apprenticeship

Job Brief

We are looking for a driven Digital Media Editor to create intriguing, original, fresh and unique content for sports fans and culture connoisseurs. Our goal is to grow our reader base, improve engagement, traffic and revenue by creating better content via editorial, social media, newsletter and more. If interested, please send an email with writing samples to [email protected].


  • Copy editing content submitted by TSFJ writers
  • Generating fresh content for TSFJ readers
  • Ideating on new ideas, interviews and opportunities for our editorial direction
  • Creating a content calendar to help editors and writers formulate ideas for content


  • A desire to gain knowledge and understanding of editorial and content management
  • Positive attitude, detail and people friendly with an ability to multitask
  • A love for sports and an ability to identify what people are reading, talking about
  • Must be available for 5-10 hours a week


This is an unpaid role, which is why the hourly demand is low. However, we have various special projects that pay commission, allow special access to various sporting events, and attribution/bylines to written content for portfolios.

About The Sports Fan Journal

We've all had something to say, but sometimes we don't always have the proper platform to get how we feel off our chest. Here at TSFJ, we've tried to create something that solves that issue for emerging voices who are looking for support and spotlight for their opinions.

Therefore, if you devour sports and the culture that surrounds it, and have a fresh perspective to share, we'd love to have you join our team of contributors and promote your thoughts. TSFJ is a collective of writers, creatives and rabble rousers who collaborate to create original and fresh content for the masses. We are official partners of the Fox Sports Engage Network.