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At The Sports Fan Journal we pride ourselves on our ability to provide you with up to date MMA news and rumors on all the latest drama, bouts, and titles fights. We cover all your favorite fighters as they go to war with one another in the UFC for some of the biggest fighting purses in martial arts history. With a growing fanbase, many viewers enjoy MMA but are not entirely clued up on the ins and outs of the sport and its competitors. Our fight previews and in-depth fight reports will give you the full breakdown of what is happening in the UFC right now.

While there are a number of different MMA events around the world, our coverage of the sport will focus predominantly on the UFC. The UFC’s popularity has exploded in recent years and has only continued to grow. With both male and female fighters taking part on a near week to week basis in the UFC, we make sure that you don’t miss a beat with our MMA news now.

All in all, we bring you MMA news now from all the UFC events like Dana White’s Contender Series, UFC Fight Nights, and the main events like the upcoming UFC 255. At Sports Fan Journal we revel in the frequency of these events and in particular we love giving you the latest news on the major upcoming title fights. We give you the latest MMA news now, so you are never out of the loop!

Latest Reports from all the UFC Bouts & Title Fights

By choosing to read our MMA news and rumors you will get to see just what has been happening in the world of the UFC. All the regular fight nights and contender series that bring you all the drama and developing grudges between fighters. But most importantly, the latest reports on the biggest bouts from fighters like Khabib Nurmagomedov, Israel Adesanya, Tony Ferguson, and Amanda Nunes. We give you a detailed breakdown of these fights, what was at stake and what to expect in the wake of the result with our MMA news now.

Staying on top of the fights can be tricky as matches are scheduled every week and sometimes even midweek. Our MMA news latest keeps you updated on all the upcoming fights, who holds the current title belts, and who the number one contenders are. Aside from this, we also keep you in tune with all of the great fighter rivalries such as Nurmagomedov and McGregor of the past and more recently with MMA news today, Jon “Bones” Jones and Daniel “DC” Cormier. We also give you a closer look at some of the statistics of these fights like the number of takedowns, takedown success rate, number of strikes, and the strike success rate of each fighter. Not even the smallest details do we leave out with our MMA news weekly, as we try to give our readers the best picture of the fights that took place.

There is hardly ever a week where there isn’t an exciting clash between two fighters vying for the number one contender spot. Combat sports appear to share this commonality of excitement which is why we also give you the best boxing news 24/7.

Previews & Build Ups to the All the UFC Fights

While we always give you the statistics and breakdown of post-match fights, the pre-fight build-up is equally as important and arguably more exciting as the tension builds leading up to the fight. Our MMA news weekly will almost always include a pre-match review in which we analyze the two fighters that are competing or in which we analyze the entire fight card for you with our MMA news latest.

Our MMA news and rumors focus on the important details such as the form that the two fighters are in, the run of results of their previous bouts leading up to the event, and the history between the two fighters. We make sure to cover every aspect in the lead up to the fight while also giving you our opinion on who we favor for the bout. The world of UFC can change so quickly and even the best analysis of a pre-match fight could ultimately be thrown out the window with one powerful strike from the underdog. That is what makes the sport so exciting and why our team at The Sports Fan Journal feels so privileged to be able to write about it.

Writing the build-up to a title fight or a fight night bout is a key aspect in understanding the scenario the two fighters will ultimately find themselves in. The same can be said about football which is why our football news also gives you a detailed background of the upcoming fixtures.

All the News On Your Favourite Fighters

Not only do we give you detailed breakdowns and previews of UFC Fight Nights with our MMA news latest but we also give you a closer look at the lives and mind sites of your favorite fighters as well. Our MMA news now tries to go even deeper by telling you about some of the training regimes of the fighters as well as give you a glimpse into their mindsets before a big fight. We try to report to you what was said by the individual fighters both pre-match and post-match, as well as in the weeks leading up to the fight. This means that we tell you exactly what someone like Israel Adesanya was saying before and after his fight and just how he manages to be so successful in defending his UFC Middleweight Title.

Our MMA news latest does not just focus on the best male MMA fighters either, as we also bring you all the news on the star UFC women fighters like Valentina Shevchenko, Holly Holm, Amanda Nunes, and many more. The quality of the fighters in the women's division of the UFC is undeniable and is equally as exciting as the men’s bouts. That is why we bring you all the news on the title fights of the star women fighters, who their next bouts will be against, and what the chances for an upset are.

As it is with any sport, upsets are a part of the game and underdogs can come out on top which is why we love watching. We keep you up to date with our news on basketball so you never miss any of the potential glorious underdog fairytale stories!

Everything You Need To Know About The Latest Injuries & Comebacks

When fighters go toe to toe in the UFC octagon there are inevitably going to be lasting injuries that may even hinder fighters much further down the line. Our MMA news latest keeps you up to date with all the confirmed injuries and injury scares in general. Whether you are simply a big fan or are looking to place bets on a fight, you can never have too much information on the fighters and their physical condition before a bout. Our MMA news and rumors also gives you the rundown on some of the previous injuries fighters have had and whether or not there has been a notable trend in their fighting styles and results. Sporting injuries are a common occurrence for the most part and can affect the participants greatly, as you will see in our baseball news today articles.

MMA combatants can be out for large periods of time with anything from an anterior cruciate ligament injury to a broken elbow. It is a long and demanding road back to fitness and health which is why we keep you abreast of the condition of the fighters and the time frame for their comeback with our MMA news now. These comebacks often spark even more fervor and excitement from the UFC fans which makes the return bout that much more of a spectacle. Our MMA news latest will make sure that you are well informed of these comeback bouts so that you don’t miss out on any of the exhilarating action.

MMA News On the Rising Stars

If you are not the biggest MMA or UFC fan chances are you still know the names of fighters like Connor McGregor,  Khabib Nurmagomedov, and Anderson Silva as their names have become synonymous with the sport. However, for our readers who are big fans of the sports, we go even deeper with our MMA news and rumors. We give you an analysis of who the up-and-comers in the sport are and who we think are some of the fighters you should be keeping your eye on for future bouts.

As we have already seen with a now-famous Israel Adesanya, you never know when a star is going to be born. That is why we do our utmost to track and write about the upcoming fighters who we believe have real talent and a bright future in the sport. This is no easy thing to do which is why our team at Sports Fan Journal put in countless hours of viewing time and research to make sure we give you an informed analysis of the fighters we believe to be future champions of the sport.

News On Upcoming Title Fights & UFC Main Events

You will find that there is UFC fight almost every week consistently with it being either a UFC main event, UFC Fight Night or one of Dana White’s contender cards. These fights already draw a lot of attention and excitement but where the real action lies is with the major title bouts. Whenever there is a major title fight for an upcoming UFC event, the frenzied excitement in the air is almost palpable. These title fights bring the biggest purses and the biggest PPV (pay-per-view) billing and for good reason. You need only look at some of the title fights in the past that have brought unbelievable viewership such as Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen, Conor McGregor vs José Aldo, and Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson.

What makes these main event title fights so much fun to watch, is that it is not the only bout of the evening that draws interest. The undercard on a title fight is usually the perfect blend of starters for the main course. That is why our MMA news latest will always keep you in the loop with these pivotal evenings in the sport. You could use other MMA news websites but our Sports Fan Journal team gives you the best of the best build-ups. There really is nothing like it in the sporting world and we want to make sure you know exactly when these fights are happening, what to expect, and what is at stake with our MMA news now.

Stay Up To Date with Sports Fan Journal’s Latest MMA News and Rumors

With MMA news today you are regularly confronted with a mountain of information in the form of news reports and articles from a host of different MMA news websites. The same can be said of MMA news and rumors in general which is why our streamlined but detailed reports, news pieces, and previews are the perfect tools for you to stay up to date with MMA news and rumors without being overwhelmed. We write up the most important MMA news and stats that we feel are currently the biggest talking points in the sport right now.

If you are someone who is making their first foray into watching and learning about MMA then our MMA news latest is perfect for you. While we tailor many of our previews, news pieces, and breakdowns to your more well-versed MMA fan, we make sure that our pieces are accessible to both experienced and novice fans alike. Not only do we provide you with accurate information on the sport itself but our team at Sports Fan Journal will also give you some of their favorite picks for certain fights and a few handy betting tips to go with it.

Our team Sports Fan Journal focuses on a number of different sporting events not only giving you MMA news now but also news on everything from football, baseball, and basketball to boxing and soccer. We recommend checking out some of our sports news daily pieces to stay up to date with everything that is happening in the world of sport.