Hockey News for Today 2021

Latest hockey news and rumors

Hockey is one of the most popular US sports, and that will come as no surprise to anyone who’s ever watched a game. Fast-paced and action-packed, hockey is thrilling. But how do you keep up with hockey news?

Here at Captain Gambling, we bring you all the hockey news today. All of our news is written by experts on the sport (who also happen to be huge fans too!) so you can be sure they’re accurate, reliable and up to date. Read on to learn about the kind of hockey news we report and how reading our hockey news can benefit your betting.

Get all the latest hockey news right here

There are loads of different hockey news websites available on the web, but how do you know they’re all accurate, up to date and reliable? With Captain Gambling, you never need to worry about any of these issues. All our hockey news stories are written experts on this sport.

In fact, whether you want hockey news or the latest fantasy sport news you can be assured that it's written by real people who really care!

So now let’s take a look at exactly what kind of content you can expect when you read the latest news at Captain Gambling.

Upcoming match news

The main thing that most hockey fans are interested in, is news related to upcoming fixtures. NFL fans are exactly the same, they want the NFL news now if fixtures are the subject! So, if that’s what you’re looking for, you're definitely in the right place.

We’ll cover every piece of news that’s relevant to upcoming fixtures. For example, if a player has picked up an injury and is going to miss an upcoming game, you’ll read it here first. Similarly, if there have been any big announcements from a coach, such as a tactical switch up for the next match, we’ll bring it to you as soon as it’s official.

This means you can easily keep up to date with all the important team and fixture news for all games across the NHL.

Match results and reports

We don’t just report on upcoming fixtures - you’ll also find all the latest match results and reports right here via our hockey news today articles. After all, with so many NHL games and matches from other hockey leagues taking place each and every week, it can sometimes be tricky to keep up with all the results.

You can't always sit down and watch every game you’d like to. This is particularly true if you follow a hockey league in a different country, or if you follow the NHL from the UK. Games in different time zones can be difficult to watch, as you'll have established if you tried to find the Olympics news today whilst Tokyo was in full flow. But you'll certainly have all the latest hockey news, thanks to our expert news writers, who are spread across the world.

Quotes & match predictions

Many hockey fans love keeping up with the drama outside of the matches as well, and we’ll bring you all the latest updates right here. We cover all the noteworthy press conferences and interviews from coaches and players, so you can keep up to date with exactly what’s happening in the hockey world.

On that note, we also cover US wrestling and as a fan, you'll know exactly how important all of the pre-contest hype can be. Don't forget to check out our latest news in mixed martial arts to find the kind of news that really matters to you as a fan, provided by experts in their field!

As well as that, we also report on what the commentators have to say, if it’s of interest. For example, if an ex-pro makes an interesting comment about a current player, or if a hockey coach makes a prediction on an upcoming match, you’ll be able to read it word for word on our hockey news pages.

The importance of keeping up to date with hockey news

Many hockey fans simply choose to keep up with the hockey news today simply due to their love of the sport. After all, with so many thrilling matches and outspoken characters in the NHL, rarely a minute goes by without something interesting happening.

But if you bet on hockey matches it makes it that much more important to keep up to date with the latest ice hockey news. So, if you’re a fan of betting on hockey, make sure you keep reading!

Reading hockey news can help you make informed bets

There are so many factors that go into making a successful bet. In certain casino games like roulette, it’s completely down to luck and you can’t do anything to change that. Betting on sports also requires a certain degree of fortune, but with sports betting, you can improve your chances depending on your knowledge of the sport.

Simply put, the better your knowledge of a particular sport, the more likely you are to make well-informed bets. This is particularly important for an unpredictable sport like hockey, where unpredictable events happen during a match.

The more you know about what you’re betting on, the more likely you will be able to pick out the best bets with favorable odds and hopefully land some wins. Sure, you can check the facts and figures prior to a game, but it’s equally important to have some inside knowledge of the sport. The only way to do that is by consistently reading hockey news and analysis.

For example, say you placed a bet on a team but didn’t realize that one of their key players was injured during the week. If you had that piece of information prior to placing your wager, it may have completely changed the way you bet.

It even applies to non-contact sports. Imagine for a minute that you'd read the latest golf news immediately after Tiger Woods crashed his car during a tournament, it most surely would have changed your betting decisions for the remainder of the event!

By reading the latest hockey news today, you’ll never risk such a scenario. Instead, you’ll have all the knowledge you need about teams, players and coaches, in order to make well informed and sensible hockey bets.

See what the pros are thinking

It’s not just reading about factual news - like player injuries and suspensions - that can be useful to hockey bettors and of course, tennis fans. Our tennis news today is pretty much a go-to for tennis fans and bettors alike. The point is, that keeping up to date with the latest hockey news means you can make more informed betting decisions.

We'll be sure to bring you all the worthwhile soundbites from coaches, players, and ex-pros. This includes things like match predictions and opinions on a player’s form or a coach’s tactical set-up, for example. When you read the opinions of people who have been there and done it, it can help broaden your perspective and will affect the way you bet, which could end up being a good thing if your wager is a winner!

All our hockey news is curated by experts

We understand that we’re just one of many hockey news websites out there on the web. You have tens, if not hundreds of sites to choose from, but how do you go about finding the right site? There are three main things to consider - accuracy, reliability, and the speed of reporting.

Everyone wants to know they’re reading accurate hockey news, otherwise what’s the point? Plus, if you’re a bettor, you need to make sure you’re reading reliable stories from experienced and qualified writers. Finally, you want a site that breaks stories the fastest, so you have the information you need when you need it.

Our hockey news today site ticks all three of these boxes. How do we achieve that? Well, there’s only one way - by working with the very best in the business.

Every single hockey news story you read here is written by an experienced hockey expert who has many years of experience writing about the sport. All of our expert writers know everything there is to know about the NHL and hockey in general, so you can trust what you read at Captain Gambling. We only work with writers who are hockey mad, so it’s a passion rather than just a job for them.

On top of that, we employ top tier editors to oversee all our hockey news. This helps ensure all the stories are current, completely accurate and are the important stories you want to read about, rather than just any old piece of news.

Why you should read our hockey news stories

Sure, reading hockey news is fun and interesting for the sake of it, but there are several advantages that come with reading our hockey news stories. Let’s take a look at what what kind of benefits you can gain by choosing Captain Gambling as your source of hockey news.

Read the stories that matter to you

As we touched on briefly in the section above, we don’t just report on any random incident in a match build-up or every pointless quote from someone involved with hockey. We know your time is precious, and you want to read sports news in English - by that we mean stories that matter, written in a way that's easy to grasp. This is why our expert writers and editors specifically focus on only reporting stories that are relevant to you. Unlike many hockey news websites, we only focus on the news that matters.

Broaden your knowledge

Our hockey news stories are written by experts with many years of experience writing about the support and a serious amount of knowledge. By keeping up to date with hockey news on Captain Gambling that knowledge is naturally passed on to your readers. When you read our hockey news, you’ll know everything there is to know about individual players, teams, coaches and more. Whether you’re simply a spectator or if you’re a hockey bettor, this is always a good thing.

Read stories as they happen

One of the things we pride ourselves on at Captain Gambling is reporting sports news faster than other sites. After all, we want our readers to know about important stories as soon as they happen. Our expert writers and editors use their vast experience and contact networks to bring you all the important stories at a rapid rate, so you’ll never be left hanging when it comes to a breaking hockey news story.

Inform your betting

The above three benefits all also contribute to helping you make better hockey bets with the knowledge you’ve gained from reading the news. You’ll know all the player and team news for upcoming fixtures when you keep up to date with our hockey stories, which will help you decide which wagers are best to place. This is beneficial for both pre-match betting and live in-play betting on hockey, so we recommend that all hockey bettors make sure they’re up to date with the latest news and developments.

Conclusion - the place for all your hockey news for today

Of course, there are many sites to choose from when it comes to getting your daily dose of hockey news. But how do you know a site is completely up to date and reliable? Well, when you get your hockey news from Captain Gambling, we give you that guarantee.

All our hockey news stories are provided by expert hockey writers who have been in the business for years, so they only bring you the best news articles. Remember to check back here regularly to read up on all the latest events in the world of hockey!