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If you like the latest news on basketball, you’ve come to the right place. The Sports Fan Journal is 100% committed to bringing you the best NBA basketball news as well as the very hottest basketball news from across the rest of the world. You'll also find the latest basketball odds with all of the top US bookmakers, as well as expert game predictions and betting tips.

As far as player updates go, we always have our fingers on the post. Whether that be the most explosive post-match interviews, the best trade rumors, or even just in-depth profiles on your favorite hoopers. This is the place to be. Expect all the latest NBA basketball news focussed on the league’s top stars. Whether you’re a fan of LeBron James, James Harden, or Giannis Antetokounmpo, you will never be left in the dark over what the top players are thinking.
Team news is another one of our strengths. Of course, we will be covering the biggest teams - the LA Lakers, Boston Celtics, and Chicago Bulls of this world - but we will also be affording plenty of time to the NBA minnows such as the Charlotte Hornets, Detroit Pistons, and New Orleans Hornets.

This is our commitment at The Sports Fan Journal. To bring you the absolute best sports news today and every other day after that.

Basketball News - All The Best Match Reports

So, what types of NBA basketball news can you expect specifically? Well,  first and foremost, get ready for the Sports Fan Journal to become your number one destination for NBA match reports this season. Of course, every NBA team’s ultimate goal is to reach the playoffs. Before that though, they have to play 82 regular season games to qualify.

Over the course of the year, we’ll be giving you updates on what goes down in each and every game, detailing each organization’s tactical setup. To bring you the most accurate NBA basketball news, we’ll also be relying on advanced analytics and statistics. We will be using a similar method when bringing you the best soccer news - but the NBA will not be neglected, don’t worry.

When the playoffs finally begin in earnest, you can be sure that those games will be given the very same treatment by the Sports Fan Journal. All of our writers are experts in crafting news on basketball. Their imagery and informative content will transport you to courtside for some of the absolute best NBA playoff games.

Whether next year’s NBA Finals once again features the LA Lakers and the Miami Heat or not, you can be 100% sure that the best place to follow all of the action is right here on the Sports Fan Journal.

Basketball News - previewing the NBA’s biggest matchups

The NBA is one of the most unpredictable sports leagues on the planet. If you don’t believe us, check out the 2020 playoffs. Even the most dedicated followers of NBA basketball news could have never envisaged the Denver Nuggets doing so well. And what about the Miami Heat? We do not remember reading much basketball news that predicted Jamal Murray and Nicola Jokic leading them to the Finals.

With so much talent in each squad, figuring out which teams are going to have a good season can often seem like an impossible task.

However, if you want to impress your friends with your basketball knowledge, we recommend keeping up to date with the latest and best basketball news articles right here on the Sports Fan Journal. Our expert team of writers use a combination of in-depth statistics, insider knowledge, and their own well-tuned hunches to bring you the most reliable NBA predictions on the market.

Predicting the outcome of the best NBA games is really fun and if you want to branch out into other sports, we recommend heading over to our latest boxing news.

News on Basketball that covers every team

Unlike some other websites, our news on basketball is reported 100% without any bias. Being a fan of one of the NBA’s smaller teams can often be very frustrating. While organizations such as the LA Lakers and Chicago Bulls dominated column inches, some of the less illustrious sides are often forgotten.

Here at the Sports Fan Journal we are fully committed to putting a stop to this. Instead of only covering the teams that earn the most web traffic, you have our promise that we will select our NBA basketball news based solely on how interesting it is.

For instance, if a lesser-known team starts to dominate the Eastern Conference, you have our guarantee that we will be reporting on it as we are huge basketball fans. The same can be said if we believe there is a particularly important piece of basketball news that needs to be shared from across the continent.

Although they do not garner as much attention in the NBA, Spain, England, Slovenia, and many more all boost superb basketball leagues that can create some incredible stories. A quick look at the prominence of European players in the NBA proves this. Nikola Jovic, Luka Doncic, and Giannis Antetokounmpo are some of the league’s best players who are all destined to end up being inducted into the Hall of Fame. They also all came up through various leagues in Europe - proving how important it is to keep an eye on all the news on basketball from across the pond.

Our fondness for taking a global perspective on reporting is echoed across all of the sports we cover. For example, when we bring you the latest MMA news and rumors we will not just be discussing UFC. Bellator, FNG, Rizin, and many more will also be included.

The latest updates on your favorite NBA stars

Although you can be sure that our reporting on NBA teams will always be balanced and unbiased, it will not surprise you to find out that the very best NBA players will be receiving more coverage than the Portland Trail Blazers’ bench warmers.

The league's current crop of stars is incredible and you can expect the very best updates on all of them right here on the Sports Fan Journal. Whether you are in love with the spectacular dunks and blocks of Giannis Antetokounmpo, have been a Lebron James fan since day one, or love the ridiculous shooting ability of Steph Curry, your number one resource for information on all of these fine players is right here.

It’s not just the high-profile NBA stars that we like to keep our eye on though. We are also a great resource for keeping tabs on the league’s most exciting, young prospects. Every single season, the race to win the illustrious Rookie of the Year award gets most competitive. In the past, the gong has been scooped by the likes of Kevin Durrant, Derrick Rose, and Damian Lillard - some of the most exciting players in the league’s long history.

Because of this, any discerning NBA fan should be keeping track of the league’s young guns and there's no better way to do that than by reading the latest basketball news right here. We’ll be doing the same for some of the best up and coming boxers as well. For that information, head over to our latest boxing news.

Follow the Latest NBA Injury updates

The NBA season is long and grueling. As if the 82 game regular season wasn’t hard enough, the best teams then face up to four more playoff games before they can be crowned champions. With such a flurry of action to contend with, it is no surprise that most teams are affected by injuries throughout the year. It’s exactly the same in the NFL and you can find out injury updates from that league by checking out our latest football news right now.

Whether it be knee, ankle, or calf problems, no NBA organization has ever been fortunate enough to navigate a whole campaign without having to deal with at least some health problems within their squad. As you will know if you follow basketball news, some of the league’s top stars - including Kevin Durant, Bam Adebayo, and Steph Curry - endured injury hit seasons last time out.

Injuries are a source of frustration for fans and you can keep up to date with your team’s latest problems by checking out our daily news on basketball.

Keep up to date with the NBA’s biggest trades

Who doesn’t love a big trade? The feeling of a blockbuster transfer finally being announced after weeks of rumors is absolutely brilliant. Whether it be LeBron James’ earth-shattering switch to Miami, James Harden’s breakout move to Houston, or Kawhi Leonard’s being traded to Toronto, we have been treated to some box office transactions in recent times.

Even with NBA teams cutting their cloth, we very much expect this trend to continue over the coming months. To make sure you are in the know about all the latest deals in the NBA, keep checking back to the Sports Fan Journal for the latest news on basketball.

It’s not just trades that we will be reporting on, however. Bringing you the latest NBA basketball news also means we will cover all the biggest free agency switches in the summer months. Over the next few seasons, there is some serious talent available and we cannot wait to report on these huge deals.

All the latest NBA head coaches news

The role of the head coach has become increasingly important in the modern NBA. As the standard of the league has skyrocketed, teams are increasingly looking for fine margins to get ahead. One such example is superior coaching, tactics, and organization.

With this higher standard comes greater demands on the coaches themselves and many more are finding themselves replaced before the season is out. Keeping track of all of the backroom moving and shaking in the NBA can be challenging. Your best bet of remaining in the loop is keeping your eyes peeled on the latest news on basketball right here.

Keep up to date with the best NBA draft prospects

The draft system is unique to American sports. In the case of the NBA, it involves the best basketball prospects in the world being brought into the league with each team allowed to draft two players per season. Draft night itself is one of the most exciting days of the year. It involves a lot of backroom trades and negotiations as teams try to move up the board.

Our expert team loves reporting on this and you can expect plenty of draft night updates in our NBA basketball news when it does come around.

However, before the NBA Draft itself, there is still plenty of news we can bring you. For example, we will be giving you an in-depth lowdown on all the players we are tipping to get drafted in the early stages of the draft. Using our in-depth knowledge of statistics and other scouting methods, we will detail exactly which future rookie is likely to come straight into the league and thrive.

For any baseball fans out there, we will perform the same scouting for all the best MLB draft prospects. Check out our up-to-date baseball news now to find out who is ready to take the league by storm.

Get reading for all the latest basketball news

As you can see, the Sports Fan Journal is your one-stop-shop for all the best NBA basketball news on the market. Our expert team is not only blessed with an incredible knowledge of sport, but they are also huge fans. They understand what makes basketball such a beautiful game and you can be sure that every piece of news on basketball is crafted with the love, care, and attention that it deserves.

We look forward to bringing you the most in-depth and reliable basketball news over the coming months and we are excited to have you along for the ride!