16(0) Sweet Words Of March Madness: 2005 Regional Semi-Final – UNC 67, Villanova 66

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When Ed told me I was limited to 160 words, I considered it mission impossible. Keeping it short isn’t my forte.

So I figured what better way to do that than with a haiku?

Nova fans will say

Allan Ray did not travel

The ref disagreed

In all honesty, Ray did not travel. It was a phantom call. But what Villanova fans fail to admit is that had that bucket gone down, Ray would have been stepping to the line with a chance to tie. It wouldn’t have given Nova the lead, and it didn’t mean it cost Nova the game.

But don’t try to tell any Wildcats fans that. Still, it was an atrocious call in a game ultimately decided by one point.

A great contest between the powerhouse of McCants, Felton, Williams and Sean May vs. Ray, Randy Foye, Kyle Lowry and Mike Nardi, with the Tar Heels eventually winning it all, is best known for the phantom travel.

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  • I will never forget – I watched this game in a house in State College with a bunch of Villanova fans or people who were rooting for Philadelphia because we’re all from the Philadelphia area. And while I definitely like Nova, the Wildcats are not my favorite team. That’s reserved for Temple … and UNC, a team I’ve loved since the days of George Lynch, thanks in large part to MJ.

    So, I was actually rooting for UNC, which was painful because I loved that Nova squad – I mean, Foye was a monster who somehow would guard power forwards as a guard, Ray was a great shooter, Nardi was tough as nails and fearless, and Lowry was the best of the bunch, really – but I wanted McCants and company to win.

    Needless to say, I was not a popular man that day, as only one other person I was watching the game with was pulling for the Tar Heels. It still irks a lot of my friends to this day.

  • silver fox says:

    What a crock of shit that was. Sure the free throw that he should have gotten would have “only” tied the game, but if they make the correct call and he knocks down the free throw who knows how the rest of the game plays out. Basketball fans everywhere were deprived of the chance to see a great game get played out and decided by the players, and ‘Nova fans were robbed of the chance to see if their guys could pull out the win. It still infuriates me to this day.

  • silver fox says:

    And what made it worse was the stupid announcer trying to justify it. 1,2-3-4…1,2-3-4. I want justice!

  • Esau Howard says:

    Randy Foye and Kyle Lowry were magic back then. It was so depressing watching UNC run away with this one.

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