¬†was nice enough to field a few sports-related questions for TSFJ. DFJZ is rolling at 12k followers and then some. The man is a mainstay on many timelines, and if there’s a sporting event on the tube, he’s likely tweeting about it hilariously.

I’ve gotten to know DFJZ a little bit over the past couple years through the all-powerful tweet box. In fact, we’ve been ships passing through the night during my visits through Virginia, where he resides.

Once thought of as a GhostBot by me, I finally got some confirmation that he does in fact exist. This interview was conducted over the most secure of phone lines.

As laid-back on the phone as he is on Twitter, DFJZ and I talked like we’d been friends for years. That’s a part of the charisma that makes him a great follow.

Without further adieu, learn a little bit more about the man, the myth, the legend.