When Keeping It Real Goes Right On The 2013 NBA All-Star Weekend

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During this completion, point guards run the obstacle course, which includes a variety of passing, shooting and ball-handling drills.

On the East side, Jeff Teague was the first one up and looked pretty damn terrible while he was doing it. Brandon Irving (fka Brandon Knight) actually had a decent showing in this one … Jrue Holiday looked the best out of all three though.

On the West, Lin looked OK and Tony Parker stunk up the joint with his inability to knock down a jumper at the top of the key. As a matter of fact, I don’t think one player knocked down that jump shot on the first try. Damian Lillard had the best and smoothest outing by far, leaving him to go head-to-head with Holiday.

In the end, Lillard edged out Holiday.

One thing I want to point out again was the lack of effort. I think Kenny Smith called it the “too cool for school” attitude. The players running through the drills didn’t seem to be particularly interested in doing it. One could also make the argument that it was the first time at All-Star Weekend for many of the participants, so perhaps there were some nerves. I suppose it’s better to act disinterested and play in that manner than put up too much energy to possibly look stupid.

In any event, the skills challenge was decent fun, but the highlight of the night was definitely the 3-point contest.

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  • I watched the least amount of NBA All-Star weekend than I ever have in my entire life this year. Shit, I fell asleep at halftime of the game itself, which I never do. It’s just become so uninteresting the past few years, and disappointing.

    Even after reading about last night’s ending, I’m still not too upset about missing the second half since I at least got to see Jrue Holiday throw down a nice dunk.

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