The NHL lockout was an excruciating and infuriating experience for hockey diehards and NHL fans across the world. Thankfully, albeit later than we’d all like, the two sides came to an agreement, and there will be hockey. And soon. In fact, the puck drops on the 2013 NHL season in a couple of short days — Saturday to be exact.

With that in mind, two of The Sports Fan Journal’s resident hockey fanatics — the Rev and Dillon Friday (who both happen to live the Philadelphia area) — saddled up to the bar and discussed how we’d like to approach an unconventional season preview. Over a few beers, Mr. Friday suggested an email exchange a la the one we had earlier this year, as the Rev and Justin Tinsley trash-talked their way leading up to the final meeting of the season between the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles.

So without further ado, here is the absurdity that ensued, including our very likely to be horribly wrong predictions to wrap it all up. Hockey is back, and we couldn’t be more excited.