Cabrera's 9 Biggest Hits as a Detroit Tiger

How lucky are Detroit sports fans? Over the years many of the greatest athletes have worn the jersey of a Detroit team. From Gordie Howe, Barry Sanders, Steve Yzerman, Isiah Thomas, and Al Kaline, to current star Miguel Cabrera.

The 2023 season is the last for Cabrera, an icon of Detroit sports. Some of Miggy’s grandest moments have come with the Tigers. Let’s list the highlights:

Miguel Cabrera, one of the most accomplished baseball players of his generation, has had a remarkable career filled with numerous significant moments. Here are some of the biggest moments in Miguel Cabrera's career:

1.) World Series Appearance (2012)

Cabrera had his magnum opus in 2012, winning the triple crown. That performance led the Tigers to just their 10th World Series appearance. While Detroit failed to win the title, the 2012 season will always be a large part of franchise history, thanks to Miggy.

2.) First Batting Title in Detroit (2005)

In his fourth season in Motown, Cabrera won his first batting title by hitting .344 with a league-best 44 doubles, and 105 RBI. This marked the beginning of his consistent dominance as a hitter throughout his career, and Miggy went on to claim three more batting titles.

3.) Triple Crown Season (2012)

Cabrera achieved one of the rarest feats in baseball history by winning the Triple Crown in 2012. He led the American League in batting average (.330), home runs (44), and RBI (139), becoming the first player since 1967 (Carl Yastrzemski) to accomplish this remarkable feat.

4.) Back-to-Back MVP Awards (2012 and 2013)

Following his historic Triple Crown season, Cabrera was awarded the American League Most Valuable Player Award in consecutive years. He became the first player since Frank Thomas (1993 and 1994) to win back-to-back MVP awards in the American League. In 2013, Cabrera hit a career-high .348 with 44 homers and 137 RBI. It was an amazing season.

5.) 500th Home Run (2021)

On August 22, 2021, Cabrera became the 28th player in Major League Baseball history to hit 500 home runs. He accomplished this milestone against the Toronto Blue Jays, solidifying his place among the game's greatest power hitters.

6.) 2013 AL Triple Crown Runner-Up

While Cabrera won the Triple Crown in 2012, he narrowly missed achieving the same feat again in 2013. He led the league in batting average (.348) but finished second in home runs and RBI to Baltimore Orioles' slugger Chris Davis.

7.) 3,000 Hits and 500 Home Run Club

Cabrera joined an elite group of players by reaching both the 3,000-hit and 500-home run milestones during his career. These milestones highlight his longevity and ability to consistently hit for power and contact. Only Henry Aaron, Willie Mays, Eddie Murray, Albert Pujols, Rafael Palmeiro, and Alex Rodriguez have also accomplished this rare feat. The last two players on that least however, were liars and cheats.

8.) Eight All-Star Selections

Cabrera has been selected to the MLB All-Star Game an impressive 11 times throughout his career, eight of them as a Detroit Tiger.

9.) Impact with the Detroit Tigers

Cabrera's tenure with the Detroit Tigers, which began in 2008, has been filled with notable moments. He led the Tigers to multiple playoff appearances and was a key contributor to the team's success during that period, including reaching the World Series in 2012.

These are just a few of the many significant moments in Miguel Cabrera's illustrious career. His accomplishments on the field have solidified his legacy as one of the greatest hitters in baseball history.

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