The Kicks We've Been Craving During Quarantine Season

Just like the current pandemic we're all living through, sneaker releases in 2020 have arrived at both an overwhelming speed and at an enormous scale, leaving sneakerheads to consider making either deliberate or irrational decisions. I mean, I've been thinking about making wagers on bets for The Preakness Stakes with my unused sneaker budget, a race that may or may not even happen this year.

With time on our hands and room to ponder what shoe one will purchase next to either finally wear outside or for just looking fresh indoors, TSFJ reached out to our connoisseurs of kicks and asked what they've been stalking online and if they've been able to secure the goods.

Narrator's voice: The sneakerheads would fail in their quest to acquire their favorite shoes.

Stussy x Nike Air Zoom Spiridon Cage 2 "Fossil"

Since mid-March, sneakers have gone down on my list of priority purchases, but isolation hasn't kept me from peeping a few kicks that I'd love to add to my quarantine family.  After missing out on the Women's Air Jordan x Melody Ehsani OG SP (I still don't want to talk about it), I set my sights on the Stussy x Nike Air Zoom Spiridon Cage 2 "Fossil" because these are just incredibly clean. Not too busy, not overly hyped, and a sneaker you can do a lot with. Unfortunately, I caught L's on both the Stussy web release AND the SNKRS release. Still big mad. -- Channing Beumer

Nike Air Max Plus III "Hyper Blue"

My quarantine kicks list grows as the days go by. What I'm going after constantly changes as all these different corona sales pop up. I won’t share my top choices because I can't have anybody backdooring me lol. For the purpose of this ask, my stimulus sneakers of choice would probably be the 'Hyper Blue' Air Max Plus III. No way I was paying retail ($190) so I’ve been waiting for the disco party. When Nike marked them down to a buck a few weeks ago, my size wasn’t available. They’ve restocked now and it’s only a matter of time before another good sale comes through. When it does, I’m swooping in. -- John Gotty

Nike Air Jordan 1 “Banned”

Every time I peek in my closet, I’m staring at shoes that usually would be worn - and staring at spaces that I know new shoes should be in. I thought I was taking a break from buying kicks en mass in 2020 but there’s always one shoe that eludes you, the one that you want to check off every box. The Air Jordan 1 “Banned”. It’s the only shoe that consumes me, even with the world being on self-isolation. Even if nobody sees me outside in a pair, I’m still treating them as if they were first day of school-specific. -- Brandon Caldwell

Nike SB Dunk High "Purple Haze"

There is no better shoe to ambulate your unnecessarily frequent trips from the sofa to the refrigerator during the sudden onset of hunger, then the Nike SB Dunk High “Purple Haze.”  Rich in heritage, its predecessor (“Skunk Dunk”) was released a decade ago (April 20, 2010) with various patches of suede adorning the shoes upper panels and swoosh.

This shoe follows the same template celebrating various strains including the upcoming release of the “Strawberry Cough” postponed from 4/4/2020.  Rumors have surfaced that the release may be limited to only 420 pairs but either way, this cannabis-inspired design will be sure to have connoisseurs emptying their stash pouch. -- Willie Payton

Nike Air Jordan 5 “Fire Red"

As most anybody with a mild interest in the new release sneaker market knows, Nike’s SNKRS is the Sour Patch kid of apps. Capable of either bringing the sweetest joy, while equally proficient at delivering the most excruciating loss, both at a moment’s notice. As I awaited the start of ESPN’s ‘The Last Dance’, had a gut feeling that a surprise pair of retros would accompany the definitive chronicle of the Life and Times of M. Jordan.

Just as the show started, the Air Jordan 5 “Fire Red” materialized out of thin air, via SNKRS. While I have never been enamored with the 5s, it did represent a chance for me to come up via SNKRS…. which of course didn’t happen. I was 120 seconds too late and my dance with the most diabolically beautiful app in the world continues. -- Matt Whitener

Puma Clyde Hardwood "Retro Fantasy"

The days of me waiting in line for hours to try to get the latest release are over. I could attribute this to the current pandemic we're suffering through, but truthfully I just don't have it in me to spend that much time and money on something that I might not enjoy six months later. Therefore, accessible sneakers are the new cool thing for yours truly, and that means embracing new things. Well, the Puma Clyde itself isn't new, but their brand refresh on Walt Frazier's signature shoe has been delightful, and their "Retro Fantasy" release is colorful, fun, and perfect for the summer. That is, if we ever get to enjoy the summer. -- Ed The Sports Fan

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