Miocic vs. Cormier At UFC 226 Is The Fight You Should Be Talking About

If you’re a fight fan, you should be paying attention for what will be the fight of 2018. No, I’m not talking about Canelo vs GGG II this September, but this weekend's heavyweight title fight between Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier at UFC 226. This fight has not received the proper attention from the media at large, but I assure you it’s not one you should miss. These two opponents are at the top of their game and have both dominated their respective divisions.

Could this be DC’s last fight in the Octagon?

Outside of his self-proclaimed biggest enemy in Jon Jones, Daniel “DC” Cormier has dominated the light heavyweight division. At a 20-1 record, DC decided it was time to challenge himself and move up to his natural weight class where he was the alpha dog at heavyweight prior to shedding pounds for light heavyweight. Touting an 11-0 record, he was a Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix Champion and the King of the Cage Heavyweight Champion. In his most recent bout, Cormier destroyed Volkan Oezdemir to retain the light heavyweight title and has his eyes on life after fighting.

Is Miocic the greatest heavyweight ever? He thinks so.

Stipe Miocic is considered the greatest UFC heavyweight of all time. He’s in the history books as the only heavyweight to defend the title successfully four times. Even more impressive is that he’s kept a great balancing act between being the best in the world and being a first responder. The Cleveland native is an American hero and easy to root for, but still has his detractors. His recent fight against Francis Ngannou was textbook. Taking down the heavier fighter and winning each round handily to a majority decision win.

The old adage rings true - styles make fights

These two have contrasting styles which makes this fight must see. Miocic is a big puncher who looks to end bouts early and in the standup game. However, his last fight showed how astute he is grappling and taking down opponents.

The grapple game in this fight no doubt favors DC. Cormier, known for his ground and pound style, catches flack for his lackluster fights, but that’s just due to him being overwhelmingly better than everyone at light heavyweight.

He will have his work cut out for him against Miocic who has earned his reputation as the recognized G.O.A.T. at heavyweight. Even though the Jones fight was wiped out due to Jones' post-fight positive drug test, Cormier got caught with clean shots. Cormier cannot afford to take clean hits from the more powerful Miocic. On the flipside, Miocic cannot let DC take this fight to the ground where he would be vulnerable to losing rounds.

Prediction - Miocic prevails via decision

These are my two favorite fighters inside the Octagon and I am torn on my prediction. One thing is for sure, history will be made. Either Daniel Cormier will join the elite class as a multi-division champion or Stipe Miocic will further enhance his heavyweight legacy. I expect both fighters to play it smart and not put themselves in a vulnerable position. The fight goes the full five rounds and to the judges' decision, which could favor the champion Miocic. Not only will be the best fight of the year, but it's one with bigger implications for the winner as a certain beast awaits in the background.

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