Breaking Down The Net Worth Of NFL Franchises, Quarterbacks And Coaches

“When you’re rich, you don’t write checks. … Straight cash, homey.” -- Randy Moss

On one hand, I try my hardest to never think about the finances of professional sports. As my Uncle Bill would say, don't tell another man how they should spend their money. It's just not worth the mental stress. On the other hand, it's very easy to think about how general managers and owners spend money on contracts and the management of rosters.

The simple truth is this; money makes our favorite sports leagues go around, and we're just along for the ride.

One ride that's interesting to note are the net worths of the top franchises, players and coaches in the National Football League. Over at Personal Capital, they put together an interesting infographic displaying the disparity in the top and the bottom of the hierarchy from a net worth standpoint. Is there a correlation between net worth and NFL success?

PC_sports_net_worth_v03 (1) (1)

A couple of quick takeaways:

  • The four teams with the highest net worth (Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots, Washington R's and New York Giants) have won 10 of the last 25 Super Bowls.
  • The three highest paid quarterbacks have won a combined 4 Super Bowls.
  • The five highest paid coaches have participated in 11 Super Bowls.

What's the lesson? If you can get to the Super Bowl, get prepared to cash in. If you can win it, even better. Now, let me figure out how I can win a Super Bowl. Does anyone need an out-of-shape tight end with a scruffy beard who can run a 30-yard dash in 4.4 seconds? Hit me up!

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