Starting Lineups: All Hail Barry Larkin, Hall Of Famer, His Life In Pictures

Go on ahead and try to say anything negative about Barry Larkin here in Cincinnati. I dare you. I double dog dare you to. You might not make it out of the room alive.

"I consider myself an amoeba man, I'll assume any shape to help the team. If the team needs someone to lead by example, I do that. If it needs someone to steal, I do that. If it needs someone to bunt or move a runner from second to third, I do that." -- Barry Larkin, during his 1995 MVP season

This has been my experience with Larkin, the Cincinnati Reds and the city that adores its beloved shortstop for 18 years. Larkin's entire career was spent with the Redlegs, from balling in Riverfront Stadium to the current-day entity that is Great American Ball Park, from his time with the Big Red Machine to joining up with his fellow Moeller High School alumnus Ken Griffey Jr., Lark did it all and saw it all.

What did he do? Well, Larkin is arguably the best shortstop of the 1990's, he won the Silver Slugger award (best hitter at his position) nine times, and three Gold Glove awards. Lark was a 12-time all-star and was selected as the 1995 National League Most Valuable Player.

The Larkin family is something like royalty here in Cincinnati, so it only seems fitting that one of them would make it to the highest plateau of his profession. Bob and Shirley Larkin wouldn't have it any other way. So peruse the photos below for more on the Queen City legend (courtesy of SI's Vault) and enjoy your pertinent reading material for Monday.

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